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Comrade Korey

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Purge sign up and forums? <--Apply to Purge here, I know you want to!

Official Purge Charter

Article I: The Triumvirate has ultimate power. In the event of a triumvirate resignation the replacement will be selected by the two remaining Triumvirs. If the remaining Triumvirs do not agree the 2 candidates will be placed before the General Membership for a vote. The Triumvirate will appoint members as needed to fill various positions within the alliance.

Article II: The Cabinet will will consist of four ministers, Minister of War, Minister of Internal Affairs, Minister of External Affairs, and Minister of Finance, along with one at-large member. Elections will be held to fill these positions within one week of Purge reaching 30 members. Until that time a minimum of 3 members will be appointed to the Cabinet by the Triumvirate. New Cabinet positions may be added or removed at the discretion of the Triumvirate as long as the 5 original positions remain the same. Elections will be held every month for the Cabinet positions.

Article III: The position of Chief Advisor is designed so that highly esteemed members may have access to sensitive government forums for the purpose of advising the government. There may be any number of Chief Advisors and they will be appointed by the Triumvirate as needed.

Article IV: Purge reserves the right to expell any member for poor or blatantly inappropriate conduct. Members may bring complaints to the Triumvirate for examination, and the final decision will be left to the discretion of the Triumvirate.

Article V: Any attempts to infringe upon the sovereignty of Purge will be met with all due force. An attack on a Purge member will be constituted as an attack on the alliance itself.

Article VI: Purge is a white team alliance. All members are required to join the white team unless they recieve a waiver from the Triumvirate.

Article VII: Tech and Land raiding is allowed in Purge under regulations that will be set forth by the Triumvirate and will be enforced by the Minister of War.

Article VIII: Amendments to the Charter may be brought forth by any Purge member. Each amendment must be approved by the Triumvirate and pass a vote in the general membership with atleast 60% in favor.


Triumvir, AnthonyK

Triumvir, Comrade Korey

Triumvir, Oreo


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