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Needed, Neutral Party to transport Aether Empire POWs


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Major General Thomas Johns walks through the hospital in downtown M'Bossa. He looks over the Aether Empire soldiers as they lie recuperating from their losses. Now and again he stops and asks, "How you holding up?"

Most of the time he is well recieved. The majority of the answers are positive and he takes a few moments to exchange pleasantries with the captives. On one occasion he calls over a doctor and says, "Make sure this man gets some more paper and envelopes for writing home. He has a baby on the way."

The doctor replies, "We have a supply avaliable for all that is open for the asking."

"Good," replies the Major General as he turns to the wounded captive and he says, "Good luck with your baby son, and with any luck you'll be home before she is born."

"Thank you sir," replies the captive.

Major General Thomas Johns nods and moves his way down the ward to the bed of a particularly violent specimen. The man begins to curse him loudly and several orderlies rush into put him in restraints. The Major General says, "Step aside and leave him unrestrained."

"He's tried to kill himself twice sir," one of them replies.

"He's trying to kill me this time. So step aside," The Major General orders. He walks to the bed, pulls up a chair, and asks, "What's the problem soldier?"

After a torrent of screams, abuse, and attempts to leap out of the bed the soldier finally begins to sob as he tells the Major General of his mother passing away. After awhile the Major General and the captured soldier fall into a silent conversation. Nearly an hour passes before the Major General stands up and asks one of the doctors, "Can this man be moved?"

"They can all be moved if it is done carefully sir."

"Good, because they are all going home as soon as we can organize it," he states as he looks down at the wounded man and says, "Look, I know you are angry, but for the sake of your own future try to rest and recover."

"I will sir," replies the wounded soldier.

"I'll take your oath on that," the Major General demands.

"Freely given," replies the soldier.

"Good, I'm going to send around one of my assistants to check on you tomorrow and to organize an outting to my residence. You'll be joining my wife and I for lunch. Do you think you can stomach some of our fine Somal cruisine?"

"Only if it is better than your hospital food."

"Just about anything is better than hospital food," laughs the Major General as he strides away.

A Republic of Free Somal Announcement

The Aether incursion into Somal territory was crushed not long ago as part of the ongoing East African War. Despite claims by an unsavory world media that they were killed to a man the truth is quite the opposite. Losses amongst the attackers were heavy, but a significant population of POWs remains in our care. We've fed them, cared for them, clothed them, and housed them and now we want to see that they are returned to their homes.

We ask that a neutral power undertake the task of assisting these men to get back to their lives. We have a total of (50% of whatever number that infiltrated) that need transportation. Normally we'd consider doing this ourselves, but the nature of the situation requires a certain bit of caution. The majority of the captives require no real special handling beyond needing assistance into and out of their stretchers and wheelchairs. There are a few that will require special medical care enroute to their homes.

These captives will remain in Somal's care for just a bit longer until our doctors clear them for travel. A few have requested permission to travel despite doctor's warnings and this permission has been given. The rest are either comatose or recovering from major operations. Should the families of these captives wish to visit their loved ones a special medical visa will be issued giving them clearance to visit. Arrangements for their housing while in Somal will be arranged by the M'Bossa Military District command in the form of allowing these visitors access to our transient quarters in our local military housing units.

That being said can we get someone to assist us in returning these men to their homes?

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M'Bossa Airport and Hospital are awaiting their arrival. Those who are ambulatory will be ready for immediate dispatch, and we'll begin cycling out the strecher cases as room becomes availiable.

Will you be able to provide onboard doctors and nurses?

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We can provide standard medical teams onboard every plane, which will cut down on capacity. Will surgical staffs be needed as well? Or simply medics? Also, due to the distance of the flight, is it possible that you or one of your allies can send up a refueling plane for the squadrons? We would hate for a humanitarian mission to end in tragedy.

OOC: Just checked on Google Earth... the straight line path is 8,400 miles.

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All offers of assistance are appreciated and accepted. The ambulatory cases are waiting for departure. We've taken the liberty to outfit them with two new suits of clothing, a suitcase, toiletries, and 1000 Somal Dollars in Cash. The lads are waiting and are ready to fly.

The Ambulatory cases won't need medical assistance, but the stretcher cases will. Some of these men have undergone extensive medical care and are still recovering. The first few flights probably won't need much in the way of medical support as the participants can walk under their own power.

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If there are still ambulatory patients remaining after the others have collected their passengers, Arctica will send a C-130 to take about 90 soldiers back home at a time. After they make the dropoff they will return to Somal to shuttle more soldiers.

The only conditions are that Somal and Aether Empire cover refueling costs (Arctica will pay for the trip from Arctica to Somal and the trip back to Arctica when all the ambulatory cases have been transported).

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Major General Thomas John's home

"From the sounds of it you'll be returning home tomorrow," the Major General says to the Aether soldier.

"I don't even know if I'll have a home left," he replies.

"Son, as long as you have two working hands and a heart full of determination you'll always have a home. My wife and I lived in a shack for over a year before returning to Somal. It was a miserable shack but it was our home and we put our love into it," the Major General says as he looks over at his wife and smiles.

"Do you have a wife or girlfriend of your own," asks Myani Johns?

"I have a girlfriend who I haven't heard from since leaving for the army," he replies.

"Were you thinking of getting married," Myani inquires?

"Yes, but once I left for Basic training we fell out of touch."

Myani looks over to Thomas with a look on her face that implies she is seriously wondering what this young man has to return home too. Her ebony face wrinkles in thought as she remains silent leaving the burden of conversation to Thomas. He looks over the table at the young soldier and asks, "What did you do before the army?"

"I was studying linguistics at University," the Aether soldier replies.

"We have a fairly large linguistics department at the University of M'Bossa, would you like to drop by before returning to the hospital?"

"That sounds great," replies the soldier indifferently as he takes another bite of his lunch.

"I believe the Dean of the department might be willing to lend you some books," Thomas observes.

"Why would he do that for me," the soldier asks?

"Because I used to be his commanding officer in the African Legion and I saved his life twice."

"That makes sense," the soldier replies with a small look of hope springing up on his face. A look that is noted by both Myani and Thomas as she nudges Thomas under the table.

Thomas looks over at Myani before saying anything and smiles. No doubt she is giving him a poke or two regarding the conversation they had this morning. He looks back to the soldier and says, "Martin, once you return home you should return to university."

"I'd want to go back to school, but I'm not sure if I can afford it."

Major General Thomas Johns nods and says, "My daughter was recently killed by a particularly malovent case of the flu. My wife and I have been discussing this and we've decided to set aside her university trust fund for your use. When you go back you'll be going back to bigger and better things provided the situation in Aether allows it. Our intelligence reports indicate the situation is grim, but improving. You are also welcome to return to Somal to attend the University of M'Bossa as well."

Myani cuts Martin off as he opens his mouth to speak by saying, "Just nod your head and eat" in a voice that sends small shivers of fear up Thomas's spine. Thomas looks over at Martin and gives him a look that men give each other when confronted by a superior force and they both duck their heads down to avoid incoming fire as they quickly finish their lunch. Before Martin gets up to leave Myani says to him, "If you do return to Somal let us know and we'll open our home to you."

"Thank you ma'am," Martin replies as he is helped back into his wheelchair by Major General Thomas Johns. As the Major General finishes buckling the safety belt on the chair Myani watches in approval. Many have called her husband a violent brutal man, but they don't know him like others do. Inside he's an intensely sensitive person to the pain and suffering of others. Not at all like Mad Dog Bob Denard who has that uncanny ability to distance himself from his emotions. Of course Thomas's sensitive nature is what had tilted the decision she had made in choosing between the two men.

"Will you be driving him back to the hospital Thomas," Myani asks?

"I believe so, besides it has been a few months since I've stopped by the University. Maybe Martin here can help me look the place over," he says.

"Good, supper will be ready around seven, don't be late," she states as she bends down and gives Martin a kiss on the cheek. As she stands she holds his face in her hands and says, "You are not allowed to give up, do you understand?"

"Yes ma'am," replies Martin as the Major General wheels his chair down to the waiting vehicle.

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