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Joint Announcement from GATO and the Untouchables

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So, these two fine alliances have been getting along pretty well recently. Which makes sense, as most of the fellows in the Untouchables are fine fellows, and as most of the fellows in GATO are not upstanding citizens. Because, as we all know, opposites attract. But what's more important is the similarity between the two. A horrible, horrible hate for owls and all owl-related paraphernalia. As such:


Without further ado, I present this fine treaty that revolves around non-aggression, communication, optional defense, aid, and a hate for owls. Damn owls.


The Owl Feeders Local 204 Treaty


The alliances of the Global Alliance Treaty Org. (GATO) and The Untouchables (TU) hereby agree to solidify their ties in mutual cooperation and optional defense.

Article 1: Non Aggression

All forms of in-game aggression between the members of GATO and TU are deemed illegal. This includes, but is not limited to, sanctions, war declarations, aiding nations at war with either alliance, and all forms of espionage, whether in-game or otherwise. Also prohibited are aggressive attacks by the members of either alliance on each other on the Open World Forum. Should GATO or TU feel a member of either alliance has broken these terms, a cessation in hostilities is to be sought and, if judged necessary, reparations are to be paid.

Article 2: Communication

Both GATO and TU pledge to keep their lines of communication open to the other. Diplomats are encouraged to sign up and participate on the other alliance’s forums, where it is expected they will be treated with courtesy and respect by the host alliance. Diplomats may request revision of this ODP should either alliance feel it necessary.

Article 3: Optional Defense

GATO and TU agree to be bound together in times of war and peace. During wartime either alliance may assist or request assistance from the other by economic or military means, but this is not mandatory and is not expected to be treated as such.

Article 4: Aid

In peacetime should either alliance require aid of any type non-military, then it is the duty of GATO or TU to aid and assist the other alliance with money, tech, guides, advice, or anything else they will need. This aid can be done in the form of good faith or a loan and specifics will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Article 5: Termination

A breach of any of the terms listed above is grounds for this treaty’s termination, but is not required. Either party may choose to terminate this ODP for any reason. Both parties have forty-eight (48) hours after the declaration of either party’s desire for the treaty’s cancellation before this treaty will cease to be in effect. All terms within will continue up until that deadline.



Laserwolf, Assembly Chairman

MTTezla, Minister of Foreign Affairs

20th Congress of the Global Alliance

For The Untouchables:

King William IV, Triumvir of Foreign Affairs

wootmeister, Triumvir of War

ShadowPhoenix, Triumvir of Internal Affairs

Edited by MTTezla
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Congrats on new friendships!


o/ Untouchables

Also, I must say that this blitz has been tiring, that being said I still am extremely happy with where are alliances have met up and hope to see more from this in the future.

Edited by King William IV
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