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World Federation Announcement


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As you may be

aware World Federation is owed a bit of money due to deadeye's surrender to WF.

Term 1: Deadeye13456 will pay World Federation 48 million and 800 technology. This will be paid by the nation of Lacrosse13 only. Any unwarranted attacks on the nation of Lacrosse by World Federation will result in the reduction of reps to be paid (3 times the damage caused rounded to the nearest 3 million). These reparations will be paid within 40 days, also Deadeye will have no tech deals pending during this time period.

Because of this, and the fact that some people (as shown in the responses here) may be interested in tech raiding this nation, World Federation will be protecting Deadeye13456 temporarily against all unwarranted wars. This includes, but is not limited to tech raids.


Enrage, President.

P.S. VE approves this message.

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