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Global Republic of Allied Nations


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Welcome to the Global Republic of Allied Nations (GRAN). We currently have 56 members and tons of open government seats. We are a newer White Sphere alliance and are growing quickly. GRAN is also a protectorate of The Phoenix Federation.

We have only a few rules about joining and leaving GRAN:

1. No nation at war will be accepted into GRAN.

2. White team color is preferable. We will work with you to rearrange your trades if needed.

3. Upon resignition from GRAN all you need to do is post it on the GRAN forums.

New members will receive a bonus of at least 50k.

To join GRAN contact Shang Tsung, King Alaric, Tom08, or ChiefRantu via PM on Cyber Nations or sign up on the GRAN Forums under "Member Applications."

GRAN Forums

Global Republic of Allied Nations Charter


Unity - We believe in the utmost loyalty to the alliance, members of the alliance will aid finacially and militarilly all other members in need.

Strength - The alliance will be considered a military alliance, meaning that war is an option to defend the integrity and rights of all members within the alliance.

Freedom - Members will have the freedom to say and think what they feel, bear arms, and leave the alliance when they wish.



We the people of GRAN believe that in order to create a better and more powerful alliance certain rights must be adhered to by all of our members. Abiding by these rights our members will be able to enjoy their freedoms.

-The alliance shall be an Imperial Republic.

-Power shall be shared between two bodies, an Emperor and a Triumvirate.


-He shall have executive powers, veto powers, judicial powers (pardons, accusations, tribuneral imunity), and will be head of all executive departments.

-The Emperor is the Commander in Chief of all armed forces, and the official representative of GRAN to the Cyberverse.

-Only the Emperor may authorize the use of the alliance's nuclear arsenal, in which case he will assume full responsibility.

Removal of the Emperor

-The Emperor can only be removed by a two thirds (2/3) vote by the Triumvirate AND a three fourths (3/4) vote from the entire alliance.

-If the Emperor wishes to step down he must appoint a new Emperor.

-The Emperor shall appoint Cabinet Members and all members of the Executive Department, contingent on Triumvirate approval.

Executive Departments

Department of Military Affairs

-Director of Military Affairs

-Assistant Directors

-Major Generals (Heads of Military Brigades)

-Lieutenant Colonels (Assistant Generals)

-Seargent Major




Department of Foreign Affairs

-The Department of Foreign Affairs shall be under the control of the Emperor and the Triumvirate.

-The Emperor and Prime Minister shall appoint the Heads of the department.

-The Department shall work diligently to improve foreign relationships with all alliances in the Cyberverse.

Department of Foreign Affairs Ranks

-Director of Foreign Affairs

-Assistant Directors

-Ambassador Supervisors (One for every ten Ambassadors)


Department of Intelligence

-The Department of Intelligence shall be under the supervision o fthe Emperor.

-The Emperor shall appoint the Heads of the Department contingent upon Triumvirate approval.

-The alliance does does not believe in spying but for the survival of the alliance and its members we believe we must protect ourselves from spying and potential threats that may exist from other alliances.

Department of Intelligence Ranks

-Executive Director

-Assistant Directors

-Internal Officers


-The Triumvirate will serve as the Legislative Branch and the official representatives of the people.

-The Triumvirate will supervise and appoint all Heads of the Departments under the Legislative Branch which includes the Department of Education, Department of the Treasury, Department of Internal Affairs.


Appointment of Triumvirate

-There is no limit to how many members may be appointed as Triumvirate.

-Triumvirate's are appointed by a majority vote from other Triumvirates subject to the Emperor's approval.

-Once appointed the Triumvirate will remain in power until he or she chooses to resign or is removed by a Vote of No Confidence.

-One of the Triumvirate shall be elected by the members of GRAN and will serve as Triumvirate for a term of one (1) month


The Chancellor will be appointed by the Emperor.


Advisor on all levels of government.

The head of the Department of Foreign Affairs and tribunerals.

Responsible for maintaining GRAN’s image and reputation.

The voice and face of the alliance towards the rest of the Cyberverse.

Will negotiate peace in times of War.

The Chancellor has no legislative or executive powers outside of his respected department.

Department of Education

-The Department of Education shall oversee the Mentor Program to aid young nations grow and get stronger thus becoming an asset to the alliance.

-The Department of Education shall also handle all applications for employment within the alliance.

-It will make sure all members of the alliance are well educated and know the laws and obligations that the alliance has set forth.

Department of Education Ranks

-Director of Education

-Executive Analyst

-Assistant Analysts

-Executive Mentor

-Assitant Mentor


Department of the Treasury

-The Department of the Treasury shall oversee all aid offered by the alliance.

-War aid shall be distributed immediately upon request by the Department of Military Affairs.

-The Department must assaign Bank Nations that will supply our military with aid in times of war.

-Bank Nations must keep a total of 6 million dollars in liquid money to be supplied to nations in tiem of war.

-Aid will be distributed to members in the alliance, even if their nations were ravaged by wars with a previous alliance because otherwise they would not be an asset to our alliance. But if such nation has the intention of getting such money and switching alliances the penalty is the complete destrucion of said nation by the GRAN military.

Department of the Treasury Ranks

-Director of the Treasury

-Assitant Directors

-Finance Ministers

-Bank Nations

Department of Internal Affairs

-The Department will handle all recruiting for the alliance.

-They will handle all screening of new members and their applications.

-If a member acts in a way that would compromise the alliance or break its laws, then the Department of Internal Affairs would assemble a tribuneral to judge such member.

-The Tribuneral shall compose of seven members of the alliance, at least one member must be a GRAN judge who will only vote in case of a draw and six other member taken from the alliance through a volunteer thread. The person or persons bringing the accused to court may not serve as a jury but will be required to present such evidence for a fair and speedy trial and will pass judgement on the matter.

-Appeals: You may only appeal a court decision within 24 hours of a court order, in which case the Triumvirate will hear the case and vote on the matter. Triumvirate decisions superseed all other court decisions.

-The Department of Internal Affairs will handle all of the daily news and war propaganda for the alliance.

Department of Internal Affairs Ranks

-Director of Internal Affairs

-Assistant Directors


-Minister of Propaganda

-Head Judge of the Law Tribuneral

-GRAN Judges


General Membership - Powers and Responsibilities

Imperial Officers (Highest membership within the alliance), all officers must hold a postion of power within the government. All Imperial Officers must swear loyalty to the alliance.

The Triumvirate or the Emperor is the only two bodies permitted to nominate an Imperial Officer, all subject to senate approval.

All officers have judicial power to accuse someone and bring them to a tribuneral. Power to authorize attacks and tech raids.

Voting Rights

-Praetorians Commanders, Imperial Officers, Senators, or the Emperor are the only bodies permitted to nominate a Praetorian Commander.

-The above are given priority when applying for a government position.

-Honored Member - Must be nominated by any of the ranks above you, have voting rights.

-Citizens - Have voting rights, cannot authorize tech raids or attacks. To become a citizen you must pass a test of knowledge of the alliance.

-Base Members - No voting rights, no power to authorize tehc raids or attacks.


Procedures of the Alliance

War: No member of our alliance shall attack a member of another alliance.

-Authorization for an attack or tech raid may be gained by submitting a form to the Department of Military Affairs (DoMA).

-If an alliance being attacked by our members has more than ten members then a declaration of war from the Triumvirate is neccessary.

The Triumvirate may declare war on any alliance for any reason at any time. Only then will all resources will be placed at the disposal of our Military Commanders.

-If the Triumvirate votes for a State of War all members will be considered soldiers and must obey all orders set forth by their Military Commanders, insobordination is punishable by immediate expulsion from the alliance by the Emperor, in which case you will have 24 hours to appeal this to the Triumvirate. Only the Triumvirate may reinstate your status in the alliance.

-Imperial Executive Order - The Emperor, in order to properly execute his position, may have the authority to use the military in an offensive manner against another alliance or nation for the maximum of seven days upon which the Triumvirate's Declaration of War must be obtained to continue war.

-The Department of Military Affairs (DoMA) may also give necessary authorization for tech raid's or war.

-In certain cases we will authorize war against a large alliance (20+ members). Such cases include a GRAN member being attacked, an enemy of GRAN on our enemy list, or any such circumstance where a member can prove he has a legitimate reason for an attack.

Use of Nuclear Weapons

Only the Emperor may authorize the use of nuclear weapons. All nations will eb allowed to keep any weapon they see fit.

Accpetance and Removal of Members

The alliance will only accept members that are not in any active wars and do not belong to another alliance.

Members will only be removed by a tribuneral, that being the decision of the court.

Amending the Charter

The Charter can only be amended by a unanimous vote from the Triumvirate and approved by the Emperor.

Foreign Policy

We will work diligently to establish good relations with all alliances in the Cyberverse. However, we will not stand for threst and insults from any alliance big or small.

-All foreign Treaties must be apporved by the Triumvirate and the Emperor.

Our Ambasadors to other alliances will always do their utmost to promote peace, friendship, and goodwill.



Shang Tsung


King Allaric



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