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Environment Bug


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In searching for the answer to this, I stumbled upon a similar thread -- and it says that the 'best' environment I can get is GRL+1....

I know as a nuclear armed nation that it takes a toll on my environment, but it seems that border walls are useless to clean up the environmental damage from having nukes....

Seeing as my environment is 8.00 exactly, and adding or subtracting a border wall does nothing....

And will not go below that, both with and without my border walls. So do they really have a point other than as a +2 happiness, -2% population improvement?

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Any negative events affecting your nation? You should be able to get your environment score down to GRL+1 which is currently 6. Event environment penalties cannot be countered though and could be qan explanation to your score of 8 not improving with the use of border walls.

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My events are just econ (counterfeiters and housing market collapse, both of which I picked the -$3 income option for. (One has +1 happiness, though.))

If I take the GRL out of the equation, I have an environment of 3, taking out the 'extra' 1 that nothing can be done about its 2.

Which is 2 environment that border walls appear to have no effect on.

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Yes, however, that doesn't address the border walls *not* taking care of it.

Since I have 66% and 67% (without and with). (on the efficiency scale there) (I can't sell soldiers ATM, because I recently decommed a number.)

To be a rules lawyer here, it only says that border walls can't effect the GRL -- so they should be able to counteract the pollution from my nukes, and from my army.

Edit: The number of soldiers I had was having an effect, but....

That doesn't explain why I couldn't counter that, or the environment damage caused by having nukes with the border walls -- (yes, I know it wouldn't work like that in reality, but...


Border Walls - $60,000.00 - Decreases citizen count -2%, increases population happiness +2, Improves environment +1. (Does not affect Global Radiation levels) Border Walls may only be purchased one at a time.

(Relevant part in bold for emphasis.)

That means that border walls can't counter GRL. But that says nothing about *anything* else.

Also, no other environment improving purchasable or importable item says that it doesn't work on the GRL....

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Try buying more than one (two transactions). I know that Border Walls do clean up environ from nukes as they have done for me in the past when I maintained a nuclear stockpile.

One of two things is happening, either you are going over the an environment threshold when you buy a Border Wall that is counteracting the good effect of the Border Wall or you have an environment event, which cannot be affected by anything.

What is your environment before and after you buy a Border Wall?

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