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Papal Inauguration Mass of Pope John Paul III


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The Cathedral of St. Peter, Marjayoun, Rebel Army

The Mass started as usual, with all the Cardinals and the Pope-elect processing in to begin the Mass. THis Holy Mass, however, became unique after the Gospels. The Urbi et Orbi Homily was delivered. When he was finished, the new Pope-elect sat in the Holy Cathedra, placed at the site where Jesus made Saint Peter the first Pope. There, Cardinal Wojtya received the Palium and the Fisherman's Ring, symbols of the Papacy. Every Cardinal then knelt before the Pope one by one, swearing obedience to their new Pope, and then got a hug from the Pope as a personal thank-you gift. THe Pope then continued on with Mass as normal, and then finally concluded the Mass to greet all the guests.

Pope John Paul III will be going on a tour for world peace after he takes possession of his basilicas in Rome, just as his predecessor, Pope Paul VII, did. Please let the Church know if you are interested in inviting him to your country. Thank you.

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