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Big Top Order Announcement

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Big Top Order Announcement

Today BTO is breaking records, we rolled the hard six. In this announcement BTO will break the record for most announcements in an announcement with six.

First off is our current government. The last government you have heard from us was the government we posted in our Declaration of Existence. So without further ado here is our Current Government

RingMaster: dwthegreat

Act Coordinator: Minicus Romulus X

Ministers of the Acts:

Juggler (Foreign Affairs): Frocony

Balancer (Internal Affairs): Biobomber

Tightrope Walker (Economy): Blackhole

Lion Tamer (Defense): Kobiashiy

Clown (Recruitment): szalony121

Our Second Third and Fourth announcements all go with this image


As you can see we have passed 25 membes ,200k NS and 1 score

Our fifth announcement is a very special one. Since our existense we have been on Zetaboards. Change is always good, especially if you are going up. Today we are proud to announce that we have new forums. www.cn-bto.com They are hosted by IPB. A special thanks goes out to LordAkkarin for all the time, energy and money he has put into this to make it work.

Our final announcement is one that is my favorite one. BTO has hit 100 days of existence. Some people didn't think we could make it this far, but we did and we are growing strong.

A special thanks goes to everyone that has helped us accomplish this

Conner- Thanks for always being there for me. You have been amazing o7

Mrott- Thanks for being there to watch over us and guide us.

mankiller- You have been amazing. Can't wait to get closer to you.

The rest of VA(yes this means you IronMan)- You guys are awesome and I look forward to meeting some of you

Jipps and SSSW18- You guys are like our middle brother with VA being the oldest. Thanks for being amazing. Can't wait til this war is overo/

Zenith(especially DK and AUT) - You guys have been the best. I look forward to watching you guys grow into one of the most influential alliances around o/

To our allies at TPF- Thank you to mhawk and GLU. You guys have been great even through all the circumstances. Here's to a strong rest of the war. :nuke: :nuke:

To LoSS- Thanks for protecting us for the first part of our journey on PB. You deserve a lot of credit for that. Even though it was best we went our separate ways, it was fun while it last

To jaaku- I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you, what more can I say?

To Eldar and Corrupt- You guys have been amazing. I can't wait to see Corrupt lead you to where you all should be o/

To TOP and TSO- You guys both are amazing to us. Much love to Sam, Celt, Crymson, Coursca, DJ and Dan o/

Thanks for reading this and may all your days be circus days


and Sir Keshav - Underlord of Yellow, Sanctioned on white and Newest member of BTO

Also party in #bto

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