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Rage Company

519 Nigras

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Rage Company Recruitment Video -- Watch it!

Greetings and welcome to Cybernations. We are a new and very small alliance here and looking for mostly active players. Smart players with a good level head on their shoulders. Any new nations added to our ranks will receive 1 million dongs from us for free. We have many guides to help you grow up big and strong.

Our community is very old and approaching it's 10th year. We all started out playing Half-Life online against each other and back then we talk a lot of smack but these days we find ourselves bored and decided to embark on a journey within the cyberverse together. We offer what many other alliances cannot. That is solidarity. with us you'll know that whatever internal drama there may be we have been working out things internally for 10 years and things never get out of hand.

In our short time here on Planet Bob we have handled all our situations with diplomacy and will continue to do so as we strive for peace and growth rather then war and destruction.

If you're interested in joining please check out our forums at:


Gonfalon of Rage Company

Rage Company


Article I. Rage Company (hereinafter referred to as �€œ[r]age�€�) is an alliance open to all nations of Digiterra. It is the goal of [r]age to protect, aid, defend, and develop its members to superiority in the world of Cyber Nations. All members of [r]age are expected to abide by this charter.


Article I. The following prerequisites must be met in order to ensure General Membership and the ability to advance to other positions within [r]age.

Section 1. All applying nations may not be part of another alliance at the time of their application to [r]age.

Section 2. All applying nations must register at the www.rage-board.com forums.

Section 3. All applying nations must have their Nation Affiliation set to �€œ[r]age Applicant�€� until informed of acceptance, at which point they must have their affiliation set to "[r]age".


Article I. Every nation within [r]age holds the right to free speech within the alliance. A forum of the people will be provided so that each nation may freely air its grievances, suggest improvements, propose legislation to be voted on by the High Counsel, and generally speak its mind. However, the Lord and Secretaries retain the right to edit any posts made by members for the sake of clarity and organization, not censorship, as well as the right to restrict conversing publicly on specific sensitive issues and during crises in order to ensure a unified and clear message.

Article II. Any nation currently represented in [r]age has the right to secede at any time if it so wishes. However, it is required to submit a letter of resignation to the High Counsel. If a nation wishes to be readmitted into [r]age, it must follow the same admission guidelines as first-time applicants.


Article I. The High Counsel of [r]age shall be comprised of and led by the Lord of [r]age. He is to be involved in all aspects of the game and all aspects of Rage Company, with powers only limited where explicitly stated within the charter. The position of Lord is perpetual, only ending upon the wish of the Lord himself or by process of impeachment.

Article II. Any legislation passed by Parliament must first be approved and signed by the Lord of the [r]age before it can be executed. The Lord reserves the right to veto any piece of legislation for any reason at any time. A Lord�€™s veto can be overridden by the unanimous vote of Parliament.

Article III. Should the Lord of [r]age abdicate or be removed from office, Parliament will select a new Lord to replace him/her. A candidate can only take office by the unanimous vote of Parliament.

Article IV. If a nation in any leadership position fails to fulfill expectations, abuses his or her powers, or does not have the confidence of [r]age for any reason, a vote of Impeachment may be initiated. For an Impeachment Vote to carry forth, at least five general members and one Secretary must put forth the leader to be voted upon and the reasons for impeachment. An Impeachment Vote will take place among the general membership for no less than 48 hours and no more than 72 hours. A super-majority of four-fifths is required to remove an official from office. The Lord of [r]age may also be removed by the unanimous vote of Parliament.


Article I. Parliament, comprised of High Counsel Ministers, each representing a branch of [r]age, and two elected Regents, representing the general membership of [r]age, will vote to ratify or reject amendments, to make laws and policies, and to decide other matters relating to the good of Rage Company and its member nations. All members of High Counsel may only vote once in any given matter, and no vote will wield more power over any other vote. All legislative votes need a simple majority to be passed.

Article II. The Departments of High Counsel shall be designated and filled as such:

Section 1. The Minister of Defense is responsible for coordinating war efforts and educating [r]age members on the practices of war. The Secretary of Defense acts as the Chair and Head of Rage Company's Army, and is responsible for gathering and organizing intelligence on the various alliances of Digiterra to ensure the security of the [r]age.

Section 2. The Minister of Foreign Affairs is responsible for seeking diplomatic relations with CyberNation�€™s wealth of alliances. The Minister of Foreign Affairs must keep track of all embassies both on [r]age's forums as well as Rage Company's respective embassies on foreign alliance forums. The Minister of Foreign Affairs is also responsible for keeping track of and welcoming new Ambassadors and Diplomats to Rage-Board.

Section 3. The Minister of Interior Affairs is responsible for keeping [r]age members informed, investigating violations of the Charter, admitting and recruiting new members, and ensuring each nation is running at optimal efficiency. This includes helping to manage trades, suggesting improvements, coordinating aid, as well as a host of other things. The Minister of Interior Affairs may discipline any nations found to be releasing private information to outside parties.

Article III. The Lord of Rage Company will appoint members to the three Ministry positions and also assign Deputy Ministers to help and control the various sub functions of each separate ministry. These members will serve their duties until they themselves decide to step down or are impeached by the High Counsel.

Article IV. The Regents of [r]age will serve to voice the opinions and concerns of the membership of the [r]age to the Lord and Ministers, acting as the voting representatives of the general membership. The Regents will be hand picked by the High Counsel. Any member may be nominated, so long as he or she attains the support of at least five members of the High Counsel.

Article V. The Lord of [r]age reserves the right to deny the candidacy of any nation, given a reason deemed acceptable by High Counsel.

Article VI. All High Counsel members must sign in when they vote, declaring that they have voted but not specifying what they voted for. If any Parliament member misses two votes without excuse, that Parliament member may be removed from his position. If it is a Minister, the Lord of [r]age will then choose a replacement. If it is a Regent, the remainder of High Counsel will vote in a replacement to serve the remainder of the term.

Article VII. Any Minister reserves the right to remove any member of his respective committee at any time, provided a reason is given. When this occurs, the Minister will simply choose replacements.

VI �€“ WAR

Article I. [r]age is now, and always shall be committed to stability and freedom for its members. The government of Rage Company shall always respect the individual sovereignty and right of its member nations to exercise military action against unaligned nations. Conversely, members are expected to follow any and all regulations regarding warfare as implemented by the Department of Defense. No member nation may wage war against an aligned nation without expressed and explicit permission from the Lord or Minister of Defense; doing so without permission can and will result in immediate expulsion.

Article II. The Minister of Defense requires that all nations be on standby at times of war. If a nation is specifically called upon by the Minister of Defense to declare war or send aid, that nation is required to do so.

Article III. Espionage against [r]age is grounds for immediate and never-ending attacks upon the nation involved. If that nation has been sponsored by an alliance, the Lord of [r]age and the Minister of Defense will decide if further action is necessary.

Article IV. Tech-raiding of [r]age nations is grounds for immediate and never-ending attacks upon the nation involved, regardless of alliance affiliation.

Article V. [r]age retains a strict no nuclear first-strike policy. If any nation uses a nuclear weapon without orders in an offensive manner, that nation will immediately be expelled from [r]age. All use of nuclear weapons, even in defense, must be approved by the Lord of the Entente or the Minister of Defense.

Article VI. Any use of Sanctions against a [r]age member without the approval of the Lord or a Minister of [r]age will be taken as an Act of Nuclear War from the alliance which issued the sanctions.

Article VII. Any in game use of spies against [r]age (as differentiated from "Espionage" as outlined in Article III), regardless of if it is to gather information or inflict damage, will be interpreted as a conventional assault on Rage Company and will be responded to accordingly.


Article I. If a nation finds that the Charter of Rage Company needs to be amended, it is to bring the correction to the attention of the High Counsel. An amendment will then be written and presented to the High Counsel to be voted on. The amendment must pass with a four-fifths majority in addition to a vote from the Lord of the [r]age to be ratified. The Lord's Veto can be overridden by the unanimous vote of High Counsel.


519 Nigras - Emperor of [r]age

Fockizuma - Minister of Internal Affairs

StOAKEd - Minister of War

Rul0r - Minister of Foreign Affairs

Happy Halloween!

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lol,, we need more embassys.

Anyone who reg's on our forum,, i DARE you to read some threads.


I've been with rage since 2004, and Ive never had more fun in my life. This !@#$ is like crack

basically what we do is flood new nations with cash till they burst, then they reverse and start donating to the new guys themselves. This 1 mil sign up bonus is just the start ;)

I encourage everyone to snag an embassy with us, I'm beyond awesome.

Edited by Rul0r
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