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Looking for an Alliance

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Hi I'm looking for an alliance to call home. So sell me on the idea to why i should join you ?

I'm looking for an alliance that is Medium-big in numbers, active, not bothered about the colour, I won't change from black.

My details

I'm a 38.5k nation

Nukes 20 of them

Infra 6200

Tech 2k

Land 2k

With about 8 or 9 wonders.

I used to be in Sparta for around 6 months deputy ephor of economics, ragnarok for around 3 months, no position held and Nemesis for about 3-4 months deputy minister of economics. thats my history.

Sell me your alliance, dont give me a pre written formatted letter you generic beasts like to send. pm me if you want to keep it private.

my link


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Starfleet is the newest alliance on the Black team. We're just starting out and our focus right now is on finding experienced members such as yourself to help us out. Our forum link is in my sig. We just announced our Charter today. If you would like to know more about us, have any questions at all, just pm me and I'll be glad to answer them. Talk to you soon.


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