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The IAA Declares...

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Imperial Assault Alliance Declaration

To the brave and loyal members of the Galactic Empire, to our allies and friends among the stars, to those who call Planet Bob their home, and to those who don't really care all that much for us:

I, Grand Admiral MercyFallout, am pleased to declare the following:

1. Emperor Chimaera is an awesome ruler but a horrible military commander.

2. Lavo_2 actually can fight wars.

3. IAA has more red buttons than it knows what to do with...and we are collecting more.

4. Mathias fails at coup attempts.

5. There are too many "Darth's" in IAA.

6. Tie Defenders rock your socks.

7. Kuat Drive Yards is at maximum Star Destroyer Production.

8. Stagger_Lee likes cookies.

9. Burger needs a new mic.

10. The male to female ratio in IAA is no longer 50:1. Its somewhere around 33:1.

11. Chimaera is the master at the art of bothering people until they join his alliance.

12. IAA is officially over One Million Nation Strength and 200 Nuclear Warheads.



Also, party in #IAA. Drinks/other things on Chimney.

On the more srs bsns side, I hereby declare eternal open season on Cat of Schrodinger of Grand Chandelier (Also known as Rebecca) for crimes against the IAA, conspiracy to bring down the Empire, continuous attacking the Empire, and the besmirching of the honor of a good friend of ours.

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Actually, The Imperial Assault alliance only officially has two Sith's among us. While unofficially I would say we have at least 20.

Edit: I forgot my hails

o/ IAA

o/ 1 million

o/ 200 nukes

onward to 2 million NS and 500 nukes :D

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