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The Ascended Republic of Elite States would like to clarify, in no uncertain terms, that it does not protect the alliance of GDC, nor do we support their actions in recruiting from other alliances, as well as other issues that we have been informed of. It has been brought to our attention several times a day for close to a week now that members of this alliance hide behind a message of protection from ARES, however, notice was given that their request for a protectorate was denied, due to information received from our allies. We are sorry for the confusion this may have caused and are working to contact Deadeye, the leader of GDC to have the situation resolved.

ARES requests that that all GDC members promptly remove the statement of protection from their Bio. We wish you all the best in finding protection, but with your record we offer you none.

Thank you,


Director of Internal Affairs, Barix9

Director of Recruitment, CommanderCato

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Also, Thank you for posting this Cato, didn't really have the time myself.

Ill be glad to stop getting questioned about them.

Also: GDC- Golden Defense Core

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as a member of GDC i would like to say we were never told we were denied i jsut learnd that a few hours ago and we had no knolage of what deadeye was doing and we cant even contact him

Unfortunatly your Emperor has made mistakes that will make it very difficult for your alliance in the future. I hope that members of GDC that are truely good hearted players are able to continue the game without to much trouble from this. We do not blame the members of GDC for the actions of its leaders, and hope that others award them the same courtesy.

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