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Foreign Affairs Dispatch from the New Pacific Order.

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Announcement from the New Pacific Order

Article IV:

In the event that one of the signatories wishes to withdraw from this treaty for a reason barring outright violation on the part of the other signatory, they must give at least 48 hours notice of intent to cancel during which time the treaty shall remain active.

As of 48 hours ago, we notified the Random Insanity Alliance of our intent to cancel our MDoAP. Reasons were communicated in private. We thank them for everything and wish them all the best.

Good luck, guys.


Imperial Officer of Foreign Affairs

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good luck to both and how did our allies in NPO sneak out of there bomb shelters to post this.

The BR said overwhelmingly that they agreed in canceling the pact. So we sent a few unarmored suicide runners along with some fully armored pigeons to carry the message along.

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