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Roman Empire Declaration of Existence

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Roman Empire Declaration of Existence

Back some time ago, an alliance was formed by a group of friends in Tournament Edition. This group aimed to establish an alliance that would shelter its members from constant raids, and give them an opportunity to have some fun in the game. After several rounds the group grew to be one of the premier powers in Tournament Edition. Some of the members of the alliance, enjoying the community they found, wanted to carry that group over to Standard Edition. A government was established, similar to the government on Planet Steve. Members were offered the chance to join, although told that they were in no way required to do so if they had previous commitments. A number decided to join, and the Empire was born.

The Roman Empire is proud to join the ranks of established Cybernations alliances. Since we’ve now posted this piece of e-paper, we feel much more official. I know you’re all thrilled to see another micro-alliance, but I assure you, we have no intention of folding after a few weeks/months. We’ve proven our staying power in Tournament Edition, and hope to bring the same skill to Planet Bob. Now, for the charter.

Roman Empire Charter

Section I: Government

Article I. The Charter

This charter will serve as the governing document of the Roman Empire. All members of the Empire are bound to obey the rules and regulations laid out within this document. No one is above the Charter, not even the Emperor.

Article II. The Government

The government shall consist of: One Emperor, serving for life. Five Senators, three and appointed and two elected, with the appointed serving for life or until dismissed by the Emperor. There shall be five Praetors: Praetor of the Interior, Praetor of War, Praetor of Recruiting, Praetor of Foreign Affairs, and Praetor of Finance. Each Praetor may appoint pro-Praetors (such as pro-Praetor of Education). Special ranks may be created at the discretion of the Emperor. Government is based on a meritocracy; qualified individuals will be appointed to posts. There shall also be a Tribune, elected by the people to serve as their non-voting representative to alliance leaders.

Article III. The Emperor

The Emperor of the Roman Empire serves as the head of the alliance. The Emperor is endowed with the following powers: power to order nations to attack other nations, power to negotiate treaties with foreign powers, power to veto laws passed by the Council, power to banish members of the alliance, power to put nations on the ZI list, power to appoint two members to the Council, power to vote in the case of a tied vote in the Council, power to appoint diplomats, power to appoint Ministerial positions, power to remove officials he is entitled to appoint, power to authorize nuclear strikes, and the power to institute “Signing Orders,” which have force of law unless vetoed by a majority vote in the Council. The Emperors powers are not limited to those stated above. If the Council declares a state of war, the Emperor assumes Emergency Powers, granting him the power to override all other officials, elected and appointed. The Emperor serves in his position for life, until resignation, or until removed by a unanimous vote of the Council and a majority vote of the Ministers. The Emperor is expected to set the moral standard for the Roman Empire. Failure to do so is one reason for removal. The Emperor is also expected to be active; but in the event that he is not, the Emperor is empowered to appoint one individual as Magister Equitum, to serve as Interim Emperor in the event the Emperor is out of contact for more then 24 hours.

Article IV. The Senate

The Council of the Roman Empire shall consist of five members, two elected and three unelected (appointed). The appointed members shall be appointed by the Emperor, and serve until dismissed or retirement. The elected members of the Council also serve for six month terms. The Council shall have the following powers (unless otherwise stated, must be passed by majority vote): power to ratify treaties negotiated by the Emperor or approved by him, power to remove members (excluding Imperial officials) by majority vote, power to formally declare war, and the power to pass new laws not violating the charter (require signature of the Emperor). The Council will also serve as advisors to the Emperor.

Article V. Imperial Bureaucracy

The bureaucracy serves specialized functions within the Empire. Each branch is headed by a Praetor. They are appointed by the Emperor and serve at his discretion. The following Praetor level positions currently exist: Praetor of War, Praetor of Finance, Praetor of Internal Affairs, Praetor of Recruiting, and Praetor of Foreign Affairs. Each Praetor heads a department that specializes in the appropriate function. Members of each department are appointed by the Praetors. Sub-praetorships in specialties may be created, such as Pro-praetor of Education. Pro-praetorships must be approved by the Emperor. Such positions must be approved by the Emperor. Ministerial rules do not override alliance law or Imperial “decrees” but if no law contradicts them hold the force of law. Ministers are expected to perform to the best of their abilities, and be a shining light of our Empire.

Article VI. Plebian Assembly

The Plebian Assembly will serve as the voice of the membership within the Empire. Any member of the Empire may bring a request to the Tribune of the Plebs, a member who will be elected every 6 months. If the Tribune sees the issue as having merit, he will propose a law to fix the issue. All members are allowed to vote on the law, which, if it passes by a three-quarters vote, requires either the signature of the Emperor or a majority vote of the Council to pass. If passed, it becomes law. The Tribune of the Plebs may be removed by a majority vote of the Council with approval by the Emperor.

Article VII. Amending the Charter

Amendments to the Charter must be approved by the Emperor and passed by a majority of the Council, or approved by a majority of the Ministers. If ¾ of the alliance members vote against the amendment the amendment cannot be passed. Tribunes may motion to directly amend the charter with a 90% majority member approval and one of the following: Three-quarters vote by the Council or approval by the Emperor.

Section II. Applying for Citizenship

Article I. Applications

Prospective members are invited to apply in the admissions section of our forums. They must have their alliance affiliation set as Roman Empire to apply. They must fill out the required information and answer any questions asked of them by government officials. No one on a ZI list may apply. Applicants are also allowed to ask questions of the government or members. Prospective members are encouraged to come on the IRC and speak to alliance members, and gain a full sense of the alliance.

Article II. Training

Once a thorough background check has been completed, applicants will be either admitted to the Empire on a probationary basis, or rejected outright. Those admitted will be paired with a mentor who will judge their understanding of the game and teach them the ins and outs of Cybernations. Once their mentor determines that they are fully prepared, they will be inducted into the Empire as full citizens

Article III. Loss of Membership

Membership may be lost due to gross negligence, treason/spying, cowardice, anti-Empire activities, or failing to follow orders. The Emperor may remove members at his discretion, although removal of government officials from the Empire requires Council consent. The Council may remove non-governmental members by majority vote.

Section III. War

Article I. Zero Infrastructure

The Roman Empire endorses the policy of Zero Infrastructure, also known as ZI, for heinous offences. We also support Permanent-Zero Infrastructure, though we will only use it in the event that a nation poses a grave threat to the Empire. We reject the policy of Eternal-Zero Infrastructure, known as EZI, and refuse to use it. Any nation under a ZI or PZI sentence may appeal directly to the Emperor for clemency, and will be guaranteed a fair hearing. The Council may, by unanimous vote, remove someone from the ZI list. Reasons to remove someone from such a list include, but are not limited to: a sincere apology and appropriate compensation offered by the offender; request from a friend of the Empire; or adequate time served in ZI.

Article II. Declaring War

The Emperor has the power to send nations into battle, but only the Council may officially declare war, by majority vote. Declarations of war will be posted on the forums no later than 11:50 PM Cybernations time. We will conduct ourselves with class and dignity during a war, in the hopes that our opponents will do the same.

Article III. Tech Raids

The Roman Empire disallows tech raids, mostly because of the diplomatic trouble they can cause, but also because they drive people from the game. However, from time to time, the Department of Defense may send people into organized assaults on unaligned nations as an experience gathering operation. Reparations will be sent to the target nation as compensation.

Article IV. Spying

Spying is prohibited. Period. If any member of the Roman Empire spies or accepts information from spies, he will be summarily dismissed and subject to ZI. We believe in honor, and spying is counter to all we hold dear.

/s/ For the Empire

Folger Soldier, Magister Equitum and Praetor of Recruiting

Kulomascovia, Praetor of Foreign Affairs

Carpatus, Praetor of Internal Affairs

Easton, Praetor of Finance

JRoix, Imperial Senate

NaonMatrix, Imperial Senate

How to contact us:

IRC room: #RE-SE on Coldfront

Forums: http://s1.zetaboards.com/Roman_Empire/index/

P.S. We feel that we should mention that some of our important members are unable to join us at this time due to obligations in the Karma War (i.e. they’re getting their butts handed to them but refuse to ditch out their alliance during a conflict). This includes our Emperor, which is why I have taken temporary leadership until this war ends. I hope that clears things up.

Edited by Folger Soldier
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The North Atlantic Defense Coalition - Roman Empire Protectorate Treaty


In recognition of the ties of Solidarity and Amity shared between them, and in the interests of the furtherence of friendship and relations between them both, with the consent and advise of the legislative bodies of each, the undersigned representatives of both the North Atlantic Defense Coalition (NADC) and Roman Empire (RE) enter into law the following Treaty on this date, 07, 13, 2009:-

I. Sovereignty

The NADC shall not in any way attempt to subvert the sovereignty of RE, nor attempt to coerce its decision making processes, nor attempt to bend it to its will. RE shall be expected to conduct itself in a manner that not only becomes them, but in a manner that becomes both the NADC and RE.

RE shall not sign treaties without notifying the NADC first. Unless there is a valid reason RE should not hold the treaty, they shall be allowed to follow through.

II. NADC Representation

The NADC shall be entitled to one (1) Liaison on RE home forums as a means of communication and advisement. The representative shall advise the Government and Membership of RE but shall hold no formal powers within the alliance, other than a purely advisory role, representing the interests of the NADC. The representative shall not be entitled to a position upon RE's Legislature or Government, and shall not actively participate in RE affairs.

III. Alliance Management

The Liaison to RE shall advise RE on alliance management. This includes, but is not limited to:-

a. Recruitment Procedure

b. The Alliance Bank

c. The Government Organization and Administration

d. The Military Department

e. The Foreign Department

The Liaison shall not have any formal powers to change these departments, but will merely suggest improvements in efficiency and output. RE is not obliged to take on any suggestions under this treaty, but they are strongly advised to at least discuss the merits of them.

IV. Monetary Assistance

The NADC shall provide RE with regular financial aid opportunities. This will include access to schemes that operate as a part of the NADC Federal Bank, under the provision that these schemes are not disclosed to foreign alliances. RE shall be entitled access to the NADC Business Exchange and all the benefits it brings, at the NADC rate of pay. Likewise, RE members shall be welcome to participate in the technology market of the NADC.

V. Military

In the event of an unmerited attack upon RE, the NADC shall attempt to resolve the matter with RE and the offender diplomatically, and should not solution be achieved, then military assistance is required on behalf of the NADC. Should RE come under rogue attack and is unable to defend itself fully against the attack, then they may request that the NADC initiate a rogue response against them, in order to defend them from the attack. In

RE may not engage in aggressive action against a foreign alliance, whatever the circumstance, without consulting the NADC.

Should the NADC come under attack or engage in an offensive war, the protectorate, while not required to, has the option of coming to assist NADC.

VI. Duration

The duration of this treaty shall be set at six (6) months from the date of assent by both parties. This treaty shall expire on 1/13/2010. At this time, the progress of RE shall be considered and a renewal of this treaty (with an altered duration) may be discussed.

VII. Cancellation

This treaty may be cancelled without justification with 72 hours notice for discussion to take place regarding the future of relations. After this 72 hour period, the treaty is void and a 48 hour grace period must be adhered to.

Signed for the RE,

Folger Soldier, Magister Equitum

Kulomascovia, Praetor of Foreign Affairs

Carpatus, Praetor of Internal Affairs

Easton, Praetor of Finance

JRoix, Imperial Senate

NaonMatrix, Imperial Senate

Signed for the NADC,


Secretary General


Military Operations Commander

Lord Damien

Foreign Affairs Minister


Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister

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Wow, looks like Internet Superheros are some really cool people. Nice to know you can flame new alliances, you guys are just amazingly witty.

Seriously, knock it off. Making a new alliance is hard enough without jerks like you going around and making it harder.

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Wow, looks like Internet Superheros are some really cool people. Nice to know you can flame new alliances, you guys are just amazingly witty.

Seriously, knock it off. Making a new alliance is hard enough without jerks like you going around and making it harder.

You know, you're not the first person to comment on how witty I am. Thanks.

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Wow, looks like Internet Superheros are some really cool people.


It isn't our fault you made an alliance btw, its yours. Deal with it. This was your first foreign affairs failure. Congratulations, and I hope you have many more.

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Wow, looks like Internet Superheros are some really cool people.

We sure are.

Nice to know you can flame new alliances, you guys are just amazingly witty.

Somebody in CN has to be.

Seriously, knock it off. Making a new alliance is hard enough without jerks like you going around and making it harder.


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Congrats on your start, don't feed the trolls they will just keep coming back for more.

Who is trolling? I am just expressing my distaste for the creation of new alliances.

Edited by 890765
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From one roman themed alliance to another I wish you the best of luck. Digiterra is a rough place for new alliances like ours but from what I have seen of you and your members I am confident you will prove your critics wrong.

Im looking forward to more announcements from this alliance.

Ave Imperium Romanum

Hail Roman Empire

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