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RAD Foreign Affairs Dispatch

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Republic of Allied Defenses Foreign Affairs Dispatch

(from the Minister of Internal Affairs. Shaddup NOW.)

Dear CyberNations Community:

It is with GREAT JOY that I come to you today (Joy is a person who came with me, and yes, I came to you. You were already here when I got here. It was cool). I come (see?) with awesome news concerning one of the greatest alliances ever to exist in the e-world of CyberNations.net. In case you're still wondering, I am talking about my alliance. RAD. Stands for Republic of Allied Defenses. We've been somewhat quiet on the Big Boards recently, but there's a reason for that! We've been so busy doing SO many internal programs to build up incredible power within our alliance that we haven't had time to go waste on something like posting in the community. Not that it's a waste of time to do so, we just didn't.

First of all, our emperor, Mr. Bill, has been more active than ever, and making lots of very important decisions regarding the future of our alliance! He's been making dozens of posts every day and keeping us on track more than any other alliance leader I have ever witnessed. It's very impressive, really. And that isn't even my own biased opinion. Mr. Bill has been a shining example of how a contributing alliance member should perform, and has the alliance significantly patriotic recently. All we can do is sit and admire his diligence while we are on our faces .. worshipping!!! It is an incredible and inspiring thing. The best times of my life!

Second, I recently mandated a mandatory new Bank Program, in which everyone involved had to be involved. It was very well planned out, as I am very good at math and had things set up down to the very last detail. The announcement of this bank program was met with much praise and rejoicing, as all our top-tier nations (100k NS and over) had been waiting for ages for a chance to send all their money out to other nations. They are very selfless and active. The program was met with great success as each of the respective nations were sending out aid by the truckloads starting on update of the day the program began. Even now, aid is flowing freely through the alliance and economies are through the roof!

Third, our Internal Affairs department is better than ever! Good master Hakai of Afro Pick, who has an exceptionally large and old nation, was recently appointed to Director of Foreign Affairs, and has been very active in getting things done and nations active. Frankly (yes, Frank), he must not do anything besides sit at his computer all day long. Every day. He does so much in CN it is ridiculous

Fourth, Jason8 and Newhotness have not been very actively involved with making alliance decisions, working on programs, doing things behind-the-scenes, representing the alliance to the rest of CN, or anything along those lines. Fortunately, some of the more active members such as Pizza Face, nathan2008, and gearnet have been hassling them about their high levels of inactivity, and have successfully gotten them (at least somewhat) back into the game. It is a good deed which they have done, and I believe they deserve public recognition for their hard work.

All of this, and so much more, has contributed to the fact that things are better now than they ever have been for RAD! We also would like to recognize some of our closest allies, such as the easy-going, fun-loving people at The Phoenix Federation, for their continual support of our alliance ever since we formed. We would never be at the place we are without your help. Thank you!

I should also mention that it is unfortunate that our allies on Pink just aren't very good friends to us. IS and PC in particular are just lousy alliances filled with lousy people who we have an impossible time getting along with. We at RAD are doing our best to keep things legit on Pink Team, but we are faced with so much opposition all the time that it has been very difficult for us. A move to Brown Team has been discussed heavily, but for now we are going to stick with Pink and see what we can do. However; keep in mind that desperate times call for desperate measures. :nuke:

Please PM me or other RAD government officials with any questions, comments, or concerns. Unless they have anything to do with CN or RAD. We don't have time for those questions, tyvm.

I am gangsta. So is Newhotness.


PS: EmperorMarx has a very neat sig. Who made that? It is so hott..

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I am here to answer questions. However, I'm not currently available to answer your questions, so just leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

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A move to Brown Team has been discussed heavily, but for now we are going to stick with Pink and see what we can do.

Well that's a shame, you could have seen how much better we are than pink. :awesome:

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Always good to see Internal Affairs people doing well, even if they are in a lolpink alliance

Rebel Virginia is the Minister of Internal Affairs of my heart.

o/ RAD (lolpink)

Your blasphemies have been taken to heart.

Pink Sphere is manly, it's courageous. We say lolCN

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Thanks dawg! :ehm:

I, too, am glad to still be around. I'm too young to die! Also thanks for the non-offensive language post. GREAT SUCCESS!!

RAD announcement is for great success of glorious nation of Caliphate bro.

Also hail our new Hakai overlord

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