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Hae Da Fung announces new flag

Markus Wilding

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"Milady? Isn't that the state flag for the Province of Japan?"

Sarah's eyes widened at the television screen as a smile crept over her face. "Yes, that is definitely the provincial flag. Since when do the people of Tibet decide to copy Japanese customs?"

"I have no idea Your Ladyship."

She shrugged. "Oh well, it'll be confusing, but I guess we should be appreciative that their artists would copy off of our design."

"Maybe we could get copyright?"

Sarah chuckled. "We could get rights capital. Tell you what. Send a message to Hae Da Fung asking for a total of one thousand Hanseatic Marks for use of that flag."

"Right away Milady."

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Yuan sat in his office going over paperwork as usual. A clerk knocked and opened the door. "Mr. Wei, sir?" Yuan looks up from the papers. "Yes, what is it Ryo?" Ryo steps forward with the message from Hansa. "It's the Hansa, sir...they wish for one thousand Hanseatic Marks for the use of our new flag." Yuan took the letter and read it. "Drat...do the mapmakers know about this?" "I'm afraid they do sir." Yuan thought over it for a while. "Alright. Get the accountants on converting Yen to Hanseatic Marks then. In the meantime I need those mapmakers to explain why they based our new flag off of the Hansa's one for Japan."


Lady Sarah

I am terribly sorry about this mess. I was so proud of our new flag I thought it would be a good idea to let the world know what our mapmakers had supposedly come up with. The Imperial accountants are attempting to convert Yen to Hanseatic Marks for the payment.

I hope that there was no major confusion over this.


Yuan Zhi Wei, Emperor of Hae Da Fung

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