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Disappearing/Reappearing nation


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I recently tried to log in, and at first was given an error message that I had no account. I double checked to make sure that I had entered the proper screen name etc, which in fact I had. It just did not seem to know that I had been there before.

So I tried again, on this second attempt it 'logged' me in, but took me to the main log in screen. No information for my nation was displayed and no links to it existed on the left side.

So I tried to use a direct link to my page, and got the old error message of:

"Sorry but that nation no longer exists. Please check that the nation ID in your address bar above is correct. If you are certain that the ID is correct please report this error in the forums."

I was mildly disturbed by this so I double checked that I had the ID correct, and again it was.

I tried to tell a friend what happened, he immediately looked up my nation and said all was fine. Confused I reloaded the screens and there it was again.

Any ideas what happened?

P.S. No I did not get a message about violations of ToS etc, there was no messages of any kind saying that my nation was deleted, it was simply gone for a few minutes, as if I had an account but no nation.

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I don't think it's just disappearing and reappearing accounts. I can log in, go two or three links deep, and then click on a link and "sit and spin". When I try a different link (IE with "open in new tab") it takes me back to the login screen. I try to log in, it sits and spins. Click back, click a link, it brings me to the login screen with character confirmation. I always have two or three tabs at a time open and active; this has never been an issue before.

Basically I think the whole site might be a little wonky right now.

Glad to hear they are aware something is up.


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