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New Church Formed

Zagreb - Following again a new conclave the majority of Christian clergy in the Empire after heavy discussions have come to the conclusion that for the preservation of the Roman Catholic church it has to remain Independent from other nations as such the Croatian Roman Catholic Church has been formed. This church will be led by the Archbishop of Zagreb rather than a pope. In a statement the former Cardinal and now Archbishop Josip Bozanić stated "Over the last few years we have seen multiple fake versions of the Vatican or people calling themselves followers of the true church. Until we are convinced there truly is a new leader of the Global Catholic church we cannot recognize them". All existing churches in Greater Croatia have recognized the Croatian Roman Catholic church. For normal believers nothing will change in regards the only difference is the church will no longer be responsible to the Holy See.

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Diplomatic Ban on the Dragon Empire

Zagreb - Following legislation in the Sabor the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has officially blacklisted the Dragon Empire and all its states from Croatian Land, as justification there have been multiple reasons most notably the disease within it's borders and the undiplomatic actions recently conducted by the Dragon Empire forcing Croatia to withdraw any and all Diplomatic relations pending further consideration the Pax Hanseatica has been put on the table for reconsideration as long as the Dragon Empire is a member.

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