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The Big Bro-Little Bro Pact

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Quite some time ago, GRAN made the decision to merge with TWD to form the alliance known as the Auric Armada. Through this new found Unity, and fellowship in battle, a new friendship, and furthermore a new family was formed. After the disbandment of the AU, and the creation of the New AU, family ties become split, and ultimately separated, seeming not to stand the test in time. That is until…

GRAN was recently informed that the protection of the New Auric Armada, which had lasted an entire year, was canceled, and that the New Au remained alone and unprotected on this cold, cold planet we call Bob. Hearing this news, GRAN called for a family re-union, to re-hash on old times, and more importantly express our concern for the future of our once long lost family. It was quickly decided that GRAN was not going to let their little Brother be thrown to the wolves. Upon this decision, it was also decided that GRAN would hereafter vow to stand up and protect it’s Brothers of the New AU.

I, on the behalf of the entire GRAN alliance, would like to express our gratitude and thanks to TOOL, for the time and effort they spent, protecting and keeping our family from harm. So now, without further ado, I bring you:

The Big Bro-Little Bro Pact



Article I: Protection

The Global Republic of Armed Nations (hereafter referred to as GRAN) hereby takes full protection of the alliance known as The New Auric Armada (hereafter referred to as AU)

Article II: Nature of Independence

GRAN recognizes and respects the right of the AU to maintain control over its own internal, diplomatic, and economic matters, as seen fit by the governing body of the AU. For the purpose of preventing any possible conflicts of interest, the Au agrees to inform GRAN prior to signing any military treaties, and must receive the permission of GRAN beforehand. GRAN agrees to be fair and rational in their judgment.

GRAN recognizes the freedom of The AU to tech raid any nation, as long as said nation is unallied and/or not protected by another alliance.

GRAN and AU, understanding the goodwill of this agreement agree to work out any issues before ever considering canceling this treaty.

AU, being a multi-color alliance, agrees to instruct any nation they happen to have on the yellow team, to support GRAN in the yellow team senate

Article III: Nonaggression

Both alliances, and the members within said alliances agree not to enter into hostilities against the other alliance or its members. Hostilities shall be defined as military aggression, espionage, financial aid to an enemy of a signatory, and any other mission that may be detrimental to the other signatory.

Article IV: Trading

GRAN reserves the right to send its trade ministry to contact any member of the AU regarding trade circles, granted it will benefit said AU member. Any member of AU who is on the yellow team may participate in GRAN trade circles at their own will, on the condition that they fulfill their obligation to support GRAN in senate, as listed in article II of this treaty. A minimum limit of 48 hours notice must be given before any trade cancellations between members of GRAN, and members of AU are made.

Article V: Intelligence

Both signatories pledge to pass on information that would prove to be beneficial to the other. This should be done following the proper guidelines and proper channels.

Article VI: Treaty Upgrade

Treaty upgrades will be granted or denied at the discretion of the GRAN Emperor.

Article VII: Withdrawal

Both signatory alliances, reserving the right to withdrawal from this treaty at their own discretion, agree to give a 72 hour notice prior to cancellation.

Signed for Global Republic of Armed Nations

Germanicus AKA Alaric, Emperor

Aryan83, Imperial Regent

Smallz, Internal Affairs

Phoenix AKA TheWife, Foreign Affairs

redsox2789, Director of Military Affairs

Signed for New Auric Armada




Mark Williams-Director of Foreign Affairs

Atlas Wing-Director of Investigations

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sorry man your not invited

I wish you the best Nau live in peace.


Awwwwww Why? :(

I may have uttered a few threats here and there but its nothing major :v:

AGAIN, I say congrats to both parties. :P

Didn't want to come to your stupid party anyways ;_;

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Awwwwww Why? :(

I may have uttered a few threats here and there but its nothing major :v:

AGAIN, I say congrats to both parties. :P

Didn't want to come to your stupid party anyways ;_;

lol, hey atleast its an improvement over the whole lets kill GRAN thing atleast we are making progress you know what they say take it one step at a time.

I really mean it this last one made me laugh I see there is a sense of humor to you ;)

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If you're the subject of a protectorate for an entire year, maybe it's time to wonder if you need a new head of recruitment?

By all means, if you think you can do a better job then has already been done...

Edited by Lirrer
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Am I the only one who feels that an alliance over a year old shouldn't need a protectorate in the first place?

i'm on the same page as you, but then again i was in the original auric armada and it was a total mess (imo) they never enforced their rules, staff was always fighting but lets hope the new auric armada can do a little better then the original.

(please not everything i said above isn't endorsed by my alliance)

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:o WOW,

<_< What was a simple Protectorate Announcement has turner into a all out maul of NAU

:huh: Can't there just be 1 (Yes all i am asking for is 1) announcement were EVERYONE has something good to say?

^_^ We should be happy that they found a protectorate..........

-_- Not ask why they still need one!

o/ NAU

o/ CBS


o/ GRAN Family :wub:

:unsure: See you in a more happy post! :unsure:

P.S. YES! I do like emoticons!

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