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Announcement from the Internet Superheroes

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I can't write like a pirate because I fail at life. Here's a treaty for you.

We might help ye - or we might nah, yarr!

Optional Defense on th' Seven Seas


Th' alliances o' Dealin' Carnage Under Pirate Sail (DCUPS) 'n Internet Superheroes (IS) agree t' strengthen thar ties accordin' t' this Optional Defense Pact. Much grog 'n rum will be consumed in celebration.

Arcticle I

Hands o' DCUPS 'n IS will refrain from launchin' thar cannons, muskets or any other projectiles at th' hands o' th' other signatory.

Article II

Hands o' DCUPS 'n IS agree t' treat each other respectfully, like they would thar owns scallywags.

Article III

Th' leaders 'n captains o' th' signatory alliances will give each other any information concernin' th' other's well bein' 'n will hold parley wit' each other from time t' time.

Article IV

[Th' signatories o' this treaty agree t' help each other out in th' manner most productive in th' times o' hardship. Military assistance ain't mandatory.

Article V

Whether one or both o' th' signatories wish t' cancel this treaty a notification must be given forty-eight (48) hours afore th' cancellation.

Signed fer DCUPS

Captain Che

Captain Fredginator

Signed fer IS

Extraduty, Master of Army, Intelligence and Murder

King Xander, Lord of Lolitics

Sakura, Lord of Nightmares


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Dear King Xander.

I hate you, prepare to face untold stealthy wrath.


Ninjas of the World

but i guess we can let you slide on this since its your first offense

o/ DD CUPS (whoops did i mispell? :ehm: )

o/ IS

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