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Alliance + Big Guns + Fun = KIA

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Forums: http://z3.invisionfree.com/Killed_In_Action_CN

IRC: http://irc2go.com/pjirc/?net=Coldfront&room=KIACN

Motto: Justify Your Existance

Team Color: Purple

Theme: Military

Foundation Date: Founded July 8, 2009

Alliance Leadership:

Commander in Chief - Guardian666

General of the Interia - Swillmaster

General of the Exteria - King Wally

General of the Armed Forces - Linkkjm


About us: KIA was the brainchild of founder Guardian666, inspired by the military with structures, codes, and morals all borrowed from this background he created an alliance which encourages the development and responsible use of the Cybernations military functions while still maintaining set rules and guidance to protect its members.

The leadership is designed to make streamlined and efficient decisions and runs with minimal red tape. Members are encouraged to tech raid albeit within set boundaries, and the defense of the alliance is held as paramount for all members. To be killed in action for KIA is as its name suggests the greatest honor of all. What this means for you is that if you ever find your self under attack you can feel secure in the fact that you aren’t surrounded by a bunch of Ghandi loving, Dali Lama preaching peace moders, your surrounded by well armed, well experienced veterans who will be licking their lips at the chance to race to your defense.

When you join KIA you join a group which shares a common interest in the military, its strategy, history, patriotism and comradeship. If you want to play Cybernations in peacemode wetting yourself at the prospect of each days tax collection and bill payment KIA is not for you… on the other hand if you enjoy spending your time drooling over your next high tech aircraft investment then you’ve come to the right place… we remember where we left the declare war button… but most of all we remember that at the end of the day your meant to be playing Cybernations FOR FUN!!!

How to Join: Register on our forums (link above) and register an account, and then sign up at our New Member Enlistment page.

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KIA is currently taking nominations from nations interested in the following alliance possitions.


Colonel of Finance and Trading - In charge of the Finance and Trading - Reports to the GI

Colonel of Recruitment - In charge of Recruiting new members to KIA - Reports to the GI

Colonel of Diplomatic Affairs - In charge of Embassies and Diplomats - Reports to the GE

Colonel of Bounty Hunters - In charge of the Bounty Hunters - Reports to the GAF

Colonel of Military Training - In charge of training the Military - Reports to the GAF


Captain of the Boards - In charge of making sure the Forums are tidy and spam is in the relevent section - Reports to the GI

Captain of the Battalion - In charge of his or Hers Battalion in the KIA Army - Reports to the GAF

Captain of The Mess Hall - In charge of making the Mess Hall a fun and entertaining place for all - Reports to the GI

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Killed In Action Charter


Killed In Action (KIA) is a military style alliance who ideals are to defend their members, friends and allies. For the remainder of this Charter Killed In Action will be known as KIA and the members will be known as Troops

ARTICLE I: Membership

All nations wishing to become a Troop of KIA should read the charter and the Pinned topic in the New Member Sign Up thread. All new Troops should fulfill the following:

- Must not be in a war at the time of the application

- Must not be on any alliance ZI list

- Must read the charter

- Must read any Pinned topics in the Welcome Centre

Article II: Command and Elections

KIA is run by a Military style leadership. This Leadership consists of the Commander in Chief and 3 Generals, each incharge of different sections in KIA. Under the Generals are Colonels, who are in charge of specific areas under the said Generals. Under the Colonels are Captains, Who runs certain areas under the Colonels.


Colonels and Captains are voted in by the membership. The voting will take place over 7 day in the last week of a 3 month cycle. Nominations will begin 4 days earlier.


Generals are not voted in. The Generals are placed into office by the Commander in Chief. Should a General resign from his position the Commander in Chief will apoint a new General,


All elections are open to the membership except for the Generals Vote which is detailed in Article II SECTION 2.


The General of the Interia will be responsible for starting and running the elections.


Any ties in the elections will be resolved by a public vote by the Generals.


Any Troop that is caught cheating in the elections will find themselves removed from all elections and be fined accordingly.

Article III: Powers Of The Troops

The KIA Troops have the power to remove any member of Command by starting a vote explaining why they wish the Official to be removed. If 2/3 of the Generals believe this to be a invalid reason the vote will be closed. The said member will not be punished in anyway. Should this be a valid reason the Troops vote must reach a total of 75% of the Troops in the Alliance. All Troops have the right of Freedom of Speech on the forums.

Article IV: Rules Of Engagement


Tech Raiding is permitted in KIA so long as they are an Unaligned Nation over 5 days of inactivity.


Wars will only be declared if 2/3 of the Generals agree. If War is declared then the General of the Armed Forces will post up the DoW and command the Troops with the help of the Colonels and Captains under him


Should any Nation be attacked by another Nation then this should be reported to the Alliance. Should the attacker be an aligned Nation then the attacking nation shall then be contacted by a member of Command and given 24hrs to declare peace and offer reps and his/her alliance will then be contact by that member of Command. If by the end of the 24hr period peace is not declared the All troops are cleared to attack to gain back the damage done to our Troop. Should the Nation be unaligned then all Troops are cleared to attack at anytime.


KIA will strictly operate and NON-NUCLEAR FIRST STRIKE POLICY. It is perfectly fine for the Troops to buy Nukes. Anyone found using Nukes without the Commander In Chief perm will be removed from the alliance.


No Troop may attack a Purple Nation. Doing so will result in the Troop facing a court marshall (see Article V).


Any Nation found attacking another Nation with the reason"Join My alliance will be given a warning. Further wraning will result in a Court Marshall (see Article V)

Article V. Court Martials


The Judge Advocate General (JAG) will preside over all Court Martials. The JAG will be be appointed by the Generals at the time of the Court Martial. The JAG can be any member the Generals see fit to fill the position, as long as that member has over 30 days alliance seniority.


If any Troop wishes to accuse another Troop of war crimes, the Troop must report the crime directly to the Generals, who will then assess the claim and deem weather the claim should be escalated to Court Martial. Should the claim proceed this stage, the Generals will appoint a JAG as outlined in Section 1.


Troops facing Court Martial will have 2 days to compile their defense. Troops have the option of finding their own attorney, if one can not be found, the JAG will appoint one to the defendant. The prosecution team will be headed by the GI, and will be made up of 3 Colonels appointed by the Generals. All Court Martials will be finalised within a 5 day period, with any judgment being handed down on the 6th day. The JAG's decision is final and no right of appeal will be offered to the Troop facing Court Martial.


No Troop shall have input to a Court Martial, unless being called as a witness, or, providing evidence in support of either party.

ARTICLE VI: Schedule Of Penalties

All penalties will be decided by the Commander in Chief and the Generals. Thes penalties can range from a 1 day forum ban up to expulsion from KIA. Should a penalty be given to a Troop from outside the alliance that Troop must follow the timeline etc that the alliance gives.

ARTICLE VII: Rejoining the Alliance

Any Troop that leaves of their own accord may rejoin the Alliance. Any Troop that is removed from the alliance will not be able to rejoin the alliance. If a Troops is found to be a rerolled nation of a expelled Troop he will be immediately removed without warning.


Any Troops found to have a multi will be instantly removed and reported to Cybernations Admin.

ARTICLE IX:Changes to the Charter

Any Troop may submit changes to the Generals or Commander in Chief. All change will be discussed by the Generals and Commander in Chief before being edited into the Charter if they agree it should be changed.

ARTICLE X: Alliance Colour

The offical Colour for KIA is Purple. This will be the Colour for all Troops. Troops are given 1 month to find a suitable Trade Circle on the Purple team. After this the Troop will be forced to move onto the Purple team weather they have a Trade Circle or not.


The signatories below are hereby representatives of the KIA alliance. They follow the Charter and uphold its values. KIA is now an Alliance of Planet Bob


Guardian666 - Commander In Chief

Swillmaster - General Of The Interia

King Wally - General Of The Exteria

linkkjm - General Of The Armed Forces

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Thank you to everyone that has messaged me in game to join over the last couple days.

It seams there are a lot of you out there wanting to enjoy the military aspects of Cybernations so thanks for the positive comments.

I would also very much like to hear from larger experianced nations at present interested in our leadership positions. Feel free to message me or visit our forums as I would be more then happy to chat about your ideas and how you would like to fit into KIA.

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KIA - Now protected by Invicta

Treaty of Strickler

A protectorate agreement by and between Invicta and Killed in Action


In an effort to build up a neighbour and friend in the Purple Sphere, Invicta and KIA agree to the following revised terms of protection.

Article One: Sovereignty

Invicta and KIA respect each other's sovereign territories and commit to mutual development of one another's alliance.

Article Two: Protection

KIA are under the protection of Invicta. Invicta agree to intervene in the event KIA are attacked without provocation. While this is not a treaty of mutual defence, and thusly not obligated, KIA reserve the right to come to the aid of Invicta should Invicta become involved in conflict. Intervention may be rendered in the form of diplomatic support, financial aid, and military support.

Article Three: Tech and Trade

KIA agree to participate in tech deals with Invicta nations, with assistance from Invicta’s finance personnel. KIA also agree to relocate to Purple Sphere and take steps to gain acceptance into blocs and operations that encourage unity in the Purple Sphere.

Article Four: Adviser

Invicta shall dispatch from its government an adviser to assist in the development of KIA. The adviser shall act as Invicta’s ambassador and facilitate communication between the two governments.

Additionally, all treaties proposed to or by KIA mandating mutual defence or stronger stipulations must receive approval from Invicta government prior to going into effect, by way of the signature of the adviser and either the President, Vice President or Chief of Staff of Invicta.

Article Five: Evaluation

This pact shall last for 90 days, after which time Invicta and KIA shall review this treaty. A ten-day grace period shall exist during the review, after which this treaty expires and a new treaty shall come into effect, if one is agreed to. Should either side wish to end this pact within 90 days, advance notice of 96 hours is required.

This pact shall be considered redundant and void should KIA gain admission into Pegasus.

Signed and entered into law this 15th Day of July, 2009, in the 26th Month of Invicta's Existence:

Signed for Invicta:

Jorost of Triune Republic, President

Amonra of Sturmriech, Vice President

Haflinger of Llonach Republic, Team Senator

Atlashill of Kansouri, Minister of Neighbourhood Development (Also, blush.gif Dawny blush.gif )

Rudekker of The Brewtown Empire, Minister of War

ShotgunWilly of the Klein Republic, Minister of Finance

Signed for KIA:

Guardian666 - Commander In Chief

King Wally - General of the Exteria

linkkjm - General of Armed Forces

Swillmaster - General Of The Interia

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Wow awesome theme and propaganda, not mention awesome protectors...o/ KIA o/ Invicta B)

Edit: I liked it so much I joined on up... :wub::awesome::war:

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