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Buryatia calls Asian Summit in Yakutsk

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(OOC: The invitation is sent to nations with a significant percentage of their territory (>49%) in geographic Asia)

To: Leader’s Name

Fr: Government of Buryatia

Re: Discussions on Asia’s political and economic future

In the spirit of unity and co-operation, the government of the United Kingdom of Buryatia (UKB) extends an invitation to your nation to attend the Asian Summit in Buryatia to be held in the capital city Yakutsk. We hope to discuss several matters at the summit including economic and political co-operation between our nations as well as how to safeguard stability in the Asian region.

Nations wishing to attend are asked to send a response to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Buryatia, or the nearest Buryatia Embassy.

We look forward to having a meaningful and productive discussion and exchange of views.


HRH Queen Yulia Li

President Zhukovsky


-Zhukov Tower

The Zhukov Tower in Yakutsk is prepared to host the summit as security is tightened across the capital city. Diplomatic and Foreign Affairs staff finalize the necessary preparations to receive foreign representatives.

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The Queendom of Zargathia sends the following message:

To: Government of Buryatia

From: Zargathia

Subject: Re: Discussions on Asia’s political and economic future

We regret to inform you that Zargathian representatives will be unable to attend the summit. While the political and economic stability of the region are indeed important matters, priority is given to the currently ongoing skirmishes with the Yellow Turbans, and the aftermath thereof. It is our humble opinion that we have no right to discuss the stability of other nations as long as ours remains wanting.

After this matter is settled, we will be more than willing to attend a future meeting however, and in light of this would request a copy of the minutes of the meeting.


Queen Amyante Tojimaru


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Confirmation messages are sent to all nations who have announced their willingness to attend the summit. The message also includes instructions for landing at the Yakutsk International Airport (YIA) as well as an overview of the various security precautions undertaken by the government.

The government sends a message to Zargathia confirming that they will be sent the transcript from the meeting.

OOC: You can just RP arriving at the summit venue Zhukov Tower in Buryatia

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A metalic blue minivan pulls up to the Zhukov Tower. It is packed with the Marscurian Pakistani diplomatic team, who needed to find an alternative mode of transportation after their limo never showed up.

"Alright, you guys hop out," Prince Vlad said, "I am going to find a parking space." The team waited, and then entered all together. They saw a sign for all the meetings going on in the building. "Hmmm, here we go, 42nd floor." They all got into an elevator with a few businessmen and a couple of kids, one of which Vlad could swear was looking at him funny. After reaching their floor and wandering for several minutes trying to find conference room B3, they finally entered the conference.

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Evangeline Di Lavenza pulled against her fingernails as the plane roared down towards the runway in Yakustk. Within a few months, Asia had changed drastically and that Hansa was at the center of these changes. She had come into the political scene from a small family that had migrated to the Hansa after the takeover of the Fascists in Italy. She took an immediate interest in foreign relations and after the passing of Robert D'Esrail, she had been named foreign minister of the Commonwealth. A post that filled with extreme stress, had the opportunity to be very fulfilling.

Her fiery red hair hung down to her shoulders as she stood up out of her seat and exited the plane into the airport. Her contingent of Hanseatic Marines took her immediately to a secure limousine that would then transport her to the Asian summit. She was nervous, but intimidation wasn't part of it. When Lady Tintagyl had appointed her to the post, she had done so because she didn't want a frail old man like Robert had been. She wanted someone strong-willed, someone not afraid to stand up against the voices of the world. Sarah saw that in Evangeline and she wanted the world to see it to, but it was still a great responsibility. Clenching her fists, she nodded her head, there was no going back from here. This is where her life really began.

Evangeline stepped into the tower and escorted herself to the meeting room, taking a seat behind the small Hanseatic flag on the table. There she waited for the meeting to begin.


Evangeline Di Lavenza

OOC: Woo! New character!

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===Zhukov Tower Conference Room 29G===

As the first representatives arrive at the Tower and take their places, members of the Diplomatic Corps welcome them and hand them the meeting agenda. At the conference table, each place was clearly marked with the flag and name of the various representatives and their nations, and had both a microphone and a headset.

Meeting Agenda:

-Discussion on how to promote political and economic stability in Asia

-Discussion on expansionism in Asia

-Proposed Non-Aggression Pact

-Creation of an Asian Union (*exact terms and conditions to be discussed)

-Discussion on organizational structure of the proposed Union and governing charter

-Any other issues

Once the first representatives had been seated, Buryatia’s Foreign Minister Natalya Onatopp entered the conference hall and introduced herself to the representatives before taking her seat at the conference table. Dr. Onatopp switched on her microphone and spoke:

"Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to once again welcome you to Buryatia. Once the other representatives arrive, we will begin the summit. It is my hope that this meeting will yield constructive, tangible gains for all of the Asian region as we seek to bring the region closer together and to define a common goal.

As you have the meeting agenda in front of you, I would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have on the agenda at this time, while we wait for the other representatives to arrive."

OOC: Once most of the other Reps arrive the meeting will begin

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The Yawooian diplomat lightly stepped off of the private jet, casually slipping the stewardess' number inside his left jacket pocket. The flight went well and the diplomat even had the prospect of a date to look forward to later, so obviously something had to go wrong, right? Right. The limo itself looked brand new, but the diplomat couldn't be quite sure, after all; who sells neon-green, and electric blue pokadotted stretch hummer limos? The diplomat frowned and quickly glanced back towards the plane and of course, there was the stewardess laughing at the situation, so much for the hope of a date now. With a long sigh and a curse to the gods above, the diplomat grabbed his briefcase and stepped towards the flamboyantly painted limousine. Soon thereafter, the diplomat arrived at his destination and proceeded to go up to the room, and to take his seat, his sour mood pushed aside as business began dominating his thoughts once more.

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OOC: What would you define as Asia? More importantly (for me at least), are the Philippines part of it?

OOC: Yes the summit includes the Philippines as part of Asia.

The tentative definition being used for Asia for the summit is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Location_Asia.svg

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Secretary of External Affairs, KP Varma alighted from his official G-5 accompanied by 4 of his aides. They arrived at Zhukov tower in a limousine from the Cochin Embassy.

As soon as they were seated the conference seemed to begin.

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Vincent Beauregard decided to drive up to Buryata himself and park his car in front of the Zhukov Tower. He exited the car wearing a black trenchcoat, black shirt, black pants, and red tie. He put on a pair of aviator style sunglasses and walked up to the building. When questioned by the guard about who he was, he answered, "Vincent Beauregard, Folkskagi of Austervania, if you need identification, I have a passport in my pocket and a crown in the trunk." The guard only chuckled and opened the door for him. Vincent flashed him his passport and walked inside.

Vincent walked into the main hall and sat down at his seat. Is that really what our flag looks like? he thought. He took out his phone to text message Erik and Henrik quickly.

nrmluv89: Erik, you there?

norsethunder: Yep, I read ya.

nrmluv89: We need to change our flag

norsethunder: Yeah, it looks a little too much like the Vinlander flag, we're a new nation, we change a lot.

nrmluv89: Yeah, leadership, hah.

When he looked up, he saw her. From what he could see of the flag, it was the Hanseatic diplomat. He looked at her from behind longingly, and whispered, "Walkure" to himself. My gods, the King in love. He shook his head, and tried to occupy himself with the task at hand. Maybe he'd muster up the courage to talk to her after the conference. But still, her reflection in the blank television screen stuck with him in the back of his mind.

Vincent then put on his headset, adjusted it, and then read the agenda. No environmental issues? Maybe I can do what I did with Normandie. He leaned forward into the microphone, and asked, "Would we also be discussing the issue of environmental care? Something to reduce carbon emissions from each nation?"

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