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War In Waziristan

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In an inn in Miranshah:

Baitullah Mehsud, the innkeeper of his family's business, was chatting with some friends.

"I can't believe it," Mehsud said, "they just throw us over to another country, just like we are a wagon!"

"Come now Baitullah," a friend said, "the old people were all the way in Jerusalem, do they really care about us?'

"Have your heard the news Baitullah? There are revolutions all over the world. Maybe we should try it," a friend joked.

"Hey, yeah. That's a good idea!"

"Baitullah, you can't be serious. We can't go up against a true army, they'll slaughter us! We don't even have any weapons!"

"Come now, we'll find a way. We are Waziris! Have some pride!"

Just then, a knock was heard on the door, which Mehsud went to answer. It turns out to be one of the army surveying parties sent into the new territories.

"Hello," says the soldier at the door, "I'm Lieutenant Michaels, and this is Sergeant Tariq. We are looking for the owner of this building."

"That would be me," said Mehsud, "can I help you?"

"Yes, first of all, we were wondering if you would kindly hang this from a flagpole, or a window or somewhere visable, as a sign of your alligience to the new rulers of this land."

"Certainly," Mehsud said, hiding his anger, "is there anything else, or will you be on your way."

"I was actually wondering if we could stay in your inn for the night. There is only about 10 of us, and we will be more than willing to pay you. How does 100 rupees sound for each man?"

"Rupees," Mehsud thought to himself, "it isn't worth the paper it's printed on." "It will do fine, gentlemen," he said with a smile.

"Thank you, we won't be a bother," the lieutenant said. "Alright men, be on your best behavior here," he ordered. After the soldiers were finally asleep, Mehsud crept into the kitchen, ready to unleash his diabolical plan.

OOC: My IG population had a pretty large drop, so I want to do a fun RP to give an explanation.

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In Baitullah Mehsud's inn, Miranshah, NWT:

Sitting by an old, flickering lightbulb, Mehsud watched his wristwatch as it slowly ticked towards midnight. When the big hand reached the top, Baitullah knew that it was time to put his plan into action. Grabbing the largest knife he could find, he made his way up the stairs to where the soldiers were sleeping. One by one, he would sneak into the rooms, close the door, and as quickly as possible slit the soldier's throat. He had 12 dead bodies after 10 minutes, and his plan was moving smoothly so far. In the morning, he called his friends over to the inn.

"In the name of Allah!" One of them yelled.

"Baitullah! Have you lost your mind?! Those are soldiers!"

"What are you complaining about?" Baitullah asked. "The first blow for Waziri independence has been struck here! You guys agreed with me last night."

"We were joking, Baitullah. This is insanity! The authorities will find out about this!"

"No they won't. We are in the middle of nowhere. There are plentry of places to bury bodies. When another squad comes to check up on them, they will simply find a group who was held up."

"Except they're dead!" A friend yelled. "Guys, I think Baitullah has lost it."

"You are all truly morons," Baitullah said, "we put on the uniforms and act like the team. When a relief squad comes, we ambush them and take their stuff too."

"You are insane, and I want nothing to do with the plot," a friend said. All the friends walked away, knowing the plan would be suicide.

"Fine," Baitullah yelled after them, "I will raise my own army!" And raise he did. After posting signs, dozens of people signed up for the dream of Waziri independence. Baitullah's prediction came true, and one week later, a relief squad arrived. A visibly angry Major approached the men dressed in Marscurian Pakistani uniforms.

"What are you maggots doing?! You are all AWOL! I demand an eplanation! No, wait, you can give it to me at your court martials!"

"Oh, I am so sorry, sir," Baitullah said, "just let me... NOW!" With that, the other disguised combatants opened fire on the truck carrying the relief team. Within a few seconds, the entire team was dead. When the shooters looked into the truck, they were amazed. They saw more weapons then they ever had in their life. There were guns, ammo, grenades and even an RPG. "Now," Baitullah said, "let the war begin. But first, get me that." He pointed to the Marscurian Pakistan flag on his inn. When the flag was retrived, it was doused in gasoline and quickly set ablaze. It would not be the last fire to rage in these lands.

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ooc: Yummy, but Dragonisia is going to be upset, lol.. not that we have any right to with the virus that is in our state, lol. War and plague next door to each other.. not good.

OOC: *looks at map*

Whoa...not good. You know, you two might be able to play off each other's RP's.

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OOC: Oh boy...nicely done, I must say! :)

OOC: Thank you, I'm really trying on this one

ooc: Yummy, but Dragonisia is going to be upset, lol.. not that we have any right to with the virus that is in our state, lol. War and plague next door to each other.. not good.

OOC: Don't worry, they're on completely different sides of my country. :awesome:

IC: Baitullah and his smalll army continued their trend of attacking convoys as they passed through the town. However, things were getting more and more difficult as the convoys were more armed. Eventually, armed jeeps and more soldiers were put on each convoy, and although Baitullah started to gain some casualties, his prizes were getting substantually larger. A month after the first attack, Baitullah had amassed a formindable force of 3 trucks (one was to damaged to be convincing), 1 jeep and the weapons and uniforms of around 80 soldiers. However, when the final convoy came through, things took a turn for the worse, as this one was accompanied by a tank to make sure everything went well. When the convoy pulled into Miranshah, Baitullah did his normal sneak attack, but was horrified when the tank approached from over the horizon. Baitullah ordered all the RPG's to be fired at the tank, but this allowed the convoy to escape down the road. Eventually the tank fled under the superior firepower of Baitullah's army, but it was the first victory for Marscurian Pakistan. They finally knew of the existance of the rebels.

Looking over the remnants of the battlefield, Baitullah saw many of his soldiers dead, but they could be replaced. He saw a sign of movement coming from a Marscurian Pakistani soldier, and he may have his victory today after all. He ordered his men to pick up the soldier and take him to the inn. They tied him to a chair and waited for the young man to come to.

Baitullah kneeled next to him. "What is your name my main man?"

"Private, private Mur Wahlber."

"What are you doing here, my main man?"

"I'm doing my job, we're looking for the convoys. I guess we found them."

"You did, bro. You did. Now, answer my questions and we won't have a problem."

"I can't"

"What was that, my main man?"

"I can't give you information I know you will use to kill people."

"I'm sorry, bro. I thought we could do this the easy way. I guess not." Baitullah grabbed a knife and walked over to his men. "Take off his shirt," he said. As they ripped off his jacket, a small, folded piece of paper fell out. Baitullah opened it up and found it to be a map. "Hmmm, what is this," he said miniacly, "Islamabad weapons depot, this could prove useful."

"Baitullah! Attacking a weapons depot, isn't that dangerous?"

"It's our only hope. The escaping trucks are sure to give away our position, we need to move and move fast."

"What about the prisoner," one of the guards asked. Baitullah tossed him the knife and said, "go crazy." Hearing the blood-curdling screams of the soldier as he walked down the hall, he began to plan his move. The word was already out, but the world was about to truly learn of the Waziri Independence Army.

OOC: I had to push up the discovery so I could talk about it tonight on the news. Also, a cookie for the first person who can tell me where I got the interrogation scene from.

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OOC: I had to push up the discovery so I could talk about it tonight on the news. Also, a cookie for the first person who can tell me where I got the interrogation scene from.

OOC: Not a clue... :(

But still, nice! Can't wait for the next episode--er, I mean POST!

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OOC: The interrogation was based off of a scene in Three Kings. Now that I have told you, you must all go watch it!

IC: Two days after the convoy escaped, the might of the army came to Miranshah. The force included 10 tanks and 20 trucks full of men and equipment. Ironically, the force came from the very target of the WIA, the Islamabad Weapons Depot. The force even saw the enemy convoy on the road, however, the road from the base into the area is well used by the military, and a friendly smile and wave was all that was needed to avoid suspicion. When the military reached Miranshah, they immediately fanned out over the small town, entering every building. They spent the better part of the day searching every building in the city and the outlying areas only to find the WIA gone.

While the military was fruitlessly searching the town, the WIA was making their way towards the weapons depot. Stopping just out of sight from the gate guards, the fighters prepared for a battle. Starting with a truck, they would ram it through the gates, the guards not opening fire until it was too late. The second and third truck would follow into the compound and the men would get out together and open fire. After making sure everyone had a loaded gun and knew the plan, the first truck sped through the gates, breaking them down with ease. After the other two trucks entered the base, along with the jeep, the shooting started. It was a messy affair, with both sides sustaining casualties, however, with the majority of the base out looking for the WIA, the base troops were overwhelmed. Out of the 60 soldiers defending the base, 40 were killed in action while the remaining 20 surrendered. However, those that surrendered were dispatched of quickly.

The WIA took notice of their new hardware. They had aquired 10 trucks, 50 mortars, 5000 guns, over 500,000 rounds of ammunition and most importantly, 20 heavy artillery. The Marscurian Pakistan flag that was over the base was replaced with the new flag of the WIA. The fighters also took off their disguise uniforms and burned them. "Burn those rags good," Baitullah said, "no more hiding. Now, we fight."

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OOC: they really think they can win, don't they? :mellow:

OOC: Every army thinks they can win, or else they wouldn't start the war.

IC: While the military top brass scratch their heads at how they could have suffered such a defeat, they recall the search convoy from Miranshah. Knowing of the powerful weaponry that the rebels now have, they don't want to risk an assault on the captured depot. They will await the right time to stike. Meanwhile, to keep the population optimistic, the army has begun to show its "victories" on newsreels before picture shows.

News From the Front


Our brave soldiers are heading out to battle the rebels. Go get 'em boys!


Constantly defeated by General Faizi, the enemy has been pushed back to their last stronghold!


Air assaults led by our brave pilots in the Bactrians have crippled the enemy. This war will be over soon enough!

Buy War Bonds!

OOC: I'm not posting a battle on my birthday. It's still July 21st here.

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OOC: Lol, I watched Three Kings the other day. I was reminded of it as soon as I saw "What is your name, my main man?" My favorite part is when they take Saddam's cars and approach the fort, and the guy guarding it drops his Slim Jim and runs around going "SADDAM IS COMING TO KILL US!"

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## Diplomatic Memo to Kaisermelech ##

"I hope this letter finds you well old friend. i hear a war has broken out in your state between various factions If you need our help in any way, please feel free to summons. I hope however that this slightly turbulent period in your nation's history will come to resolve of its own accord, but if not.. the hotline is there whenever you are ready to use it."

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## Diplomatic Memo to Kaisermelech ##

"I hope this letter finds you well old friend. i hear a war has broken out in your state between various factions If you need our help in any way, please feel free to summons. I hope however that this slightly turbulent period in your nation's history will come to resolve of its own accord, but if not.. the hotline is there whenever you are ready to use it."

Return memo:

My friend, must I remind you that I am no longer the KaiserMelech, that title has been passed to you. I am now Sultan. We appriciate your offer, but we feel that it will not be needed. These rebels are like ants at a picnic, they make a wonderful mess of things, but are basically harmless.

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OOC: I re-got rubber IG, so my lands are back to full size. Time to end this, Michael Bay style.


"I've had enough of this!" General Faizi yelled, slamming down on the table. "How long will this seige take?"


"We've been starving them out for a week, sir, but the base is too well supplied," said Private LeBoeuf, a negotiator and purely filler character.

"Well then private, go out there and do what you do best. See if you can reason with them."

"Yes sir," the boy said nervously. As he walked past the barricaides of beseiging troops, he finally got within earshot of the rebels. "Eh hem, I have come to negotiate terms for your surrender," he said.

"Here are our terms!" Baitullah yelled back, while a rebel fired an RPG at him, causing a large explosion that killed the boy instantly.


"Noooooooo," said General Faizi's daughter, Megan Faizi, with a complete lack of proper emotion.

"Alright, that's it!" The general yelled. "It's time to end this, send in the gunships!" A group of five Bactrian gunships flew over the base, but the rebels were expecting it. Men secretly hidden by buildings fired off RPG's and downed all five of the helicopters. "Grrr, fire on the outer gas tanks, that should give 'em a good roasting," Gen. Faizi ordered. Another team of five helicopters swooped in, and before the rebels could get RPG's off, the missiles found their targets.


The fuel exploded immediately, sending men and shrapnel flying everywhere. Taking notice of the chaos, General Faizi knew it was his chance. "All batteries fire, fire!"


The artillery that was stationed around the fort began to pummel the survivors inside. The final blow was struck when a shell hit the primary armory, causing it to explode in a fireball that engulfed the base. Waiting until after the fires calmed down, troops swarmed the base. They found no survivors in any of the buildings. The petty rebellion was finally crushed.

A final count was taking to gauge the casualties:

Marscurian Pakistan:

77 Troops

10 Pilots

5 Helicopters

50 Jeeps

15 Troop trucks

10 Artillery Pieces

50 Mortars

Thousands of Rifles and RPG's


Unknown Casualties, suspected to be ~1,000 fighters

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