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A Message from the Land of Misfit Toys

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Two Years. Two ****ing years. (OOC: </Chase Utley>) To be honest I'm not really sure what to write. When I look back at the situation in which the Mushroom Kingdom was founded and the events that immediately followed, it blows my mind to think that we're still alive. Not only are we still alive, but we were on the vanguard of the Karma war effort helping to lead a side of war to victory in the largest global war this world has ever seen. But then I look a little deeper at my own alliance, and I think about the people who make it up and the allies who stand steadfast beside us, and it all sorta just makes sense. With so many talented members and incredible allies, how could we not be in such a position?

The last year wasn't any easier than our first, as we finally faced down an enemy we should never have had to fight. We fought foes who believed us to be an alliance we weren't, and it was a crucible from which we did not expect to emerge. Somehow, though, we did, and we have never looked back. Alongside our Complaints and Grievances brethren, who followed us into hell and at our behest walked back into the sunlight before us, we marched straight into the latest calamity. Most of us are still engaged, though at this point it is only a matter of time before the war comes to a close. And finally, we will stand victorious and ready to lead and participate in a new world.

But enough of that serious talk, this is a time for celebration. The Mushroom Kingdom is two years old, and we will continue to survive and thrive in this world. Ain't nobody gonna stop us except ourselves, that much has been made clear. so I invite you all to celebrate with us here today. Me? I'm going to get myself very drunk after realizing I've been running this alliance for two years >.>


Proud King of the Mushroom Kingdom

July 12, 2007 1:23 AM ~ Present


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I'm proud to have shed blood alongside my fellow shrooms, even when in vain, even against all the odds. We've survived 2 years when many didn't think we'd make 2 weeks, now we no longer simply have to survive, now MK can live and prosper. Thanks to all members i've ever shared this AA with, and those i haven't, together we've made a truly kickass alliance.

o/ Archon and thankyou for everything (you massive loser)

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you write like an 8 year old. and the "<3" can actually be drawn as a normal heart. it was only adapted to <3 because you can't make heart symbols otherwise. see, handwriting came before computers, so we ah $%&@ it who gives a !@#$. happy birthday.

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