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Greater Croatia Factbook


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National Database of Greater Croatia




Lijepa naša domovino,

Oj junačka zemljo mila,

Stare slave djedovino,

Da bi vazda sretna bila!

Mila, kano si nam slavna,

Mila si nam ti jedina.

Mila, kuda si nam ravna,

Mila, kuda si planina!

Teci Dravo, Savo teci,

Nit' ti Dunav silu gubi,

Sinje more svijetu reci,

Da svoj narod Hrvat ljubi.

Dok mu njive sunce grije,

Dok mu hrašće bura vije,

Dok mu mrtve grobak krije,

Dok mu živo srce bije!


Our beautiful homeland,

O dear heroic land,

Our fathers' ancient glory,

May you be blessed forever.

Beloved, you are our sole glory,

Beloved, you are our only one,

Beloved, where you are plain,

Beloved, where you are mountainous.

Drava, Sava, flow on,

Nor you Danube, lose your power,

Deep blue sea, tell the world,

That a Croat loves his people.

Whilst the sun warms his fields,

Whilst stormy winds lash his oak trees,

Whilst his lost ones a grave covers,

Whilst his living heart beats.

Capital: Zagreb(45°48′N 16°0′E

Official Languages: Croatian, German, World(English)

-On local levels minority languages too

Demonyms: Croat/Croats - Croatian/Croatians

Government: Constitutional Monarchy

-Empress: Nadine Audrey Peacecraft

-Prime Minister: Stjepan Mesic


- Founded First half of 7th century

- Medieval duchy 4 March 852

- Recognized by the Pope 21 May 879

- Elevated to kingdom 925

- Union with Hungary 1102

- Joined Habsburg Empire 1 January 1527

- Independence from Austria-Hungary 29 October 1918

- Joined Yugoslavia (co-founder) 1 December 1918

- Declared independence 25 June 1991

- Declared independence from GNR 17 June 2009

Population: 124,945,109

HDI: 0.952(high)

Currency: Kuna

Time zone CET (UTC+1)

- Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)

Internet TLD: .hr

Calling Code: 385

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Kingdom of Croatia

Folllowing the fall of the Roman Empire and several invasions in it's territory in the 7th century those now known as Croats settled in the Balkan area mostly in the original Republic of Croatia, following this 2 dukedoms were formed one in the north known as the duchy of Pannonia and one in the south known as they duchy of Littoral Croatia. Following requests Christian teachers were dispatched to convert the people living there by the 9th century this was completed by the late 8th century they had become Frankish vassals already and eventually regained their independence again in the next. In 925 both duchies were united by Duke Tomislav of Littoral Croatia. Tomislav's state extended from the Adriatic Sea to the Drava river, and from the Raša river to the Drina river. Under his rule, Croatia became one of the most powerful kingdoms in Medieval Europe. Tomislav defeated the invasions of the Arpads in battle and forced them across the Drava. He also annexed a part of Pannonia. This included the area between the rivers Drava, Sava and Kupa, so his Duchy bordered with Bulgaria for a period of time. This was the first time Croatians were truly united in one state and is by most considered one of the many golden ages Croatia has had.

Union with Hungary

After the end of the ruling dynasty in 1091, Ladislaus I of Hungary, the brother of Jelena Lijepa(aka Helen the Beautiful), the last queen of Croatia became King. Croatian nobility of the Littoral opposed this and a conflict would follow for the next 10 years. After signing the Pacta Conventa in 1102 Coloman then ruler of Hungary became the King of Hungary and Croatia, in return for this Coloman promised Croatia would remain a separate Kingdom, with it's own laws, self-governance and rights. During this union Croatia never lost the right to elect their own King should the ruling dynasty die however in 1293 and 1403 both times Croatia elected a King Hungary declared war and reestablished the Union. For the following 400 years Croatia was ruled by the Sabor and a Hungarian ban. The Kingdom of Croatia and Slavonia remained a legally distinct constitutional entity. Being under a Hungarian King caused other events such as the introduction of feudalism and rise of noble families such as the Frankopans and the Šubićs. Later kings sought to restore some of their rights by granting privileges to towns.

The first period of personal union between Croatia and Hungary ended in 1526 with the Battle of Mohács and the defeat of Hungarian forces by the Ottomans. After the death of King Louis II, Croatian nobles at the Cetingrad assembly chose the Habsburgs as new rulers of the Kingdom of Croatia, under the condition that they provide the troops and finances required to protect Croatia against the Ottoman Empire.

Under Construction

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Armed Forces of Greater Croatia

General Information:

Commander-in-chief: Empress Nadine Audrey Peacecraft

Defence Minister: Branko Vukelić

Chief of Staff: General Josip Lucić

The Armed Forces of Greater Croatia consist of 6 Independent Factions. The Croatian Army, Air Force, Navy, State Security Administration, Phoenix Guard and Templar Guard. The first 4 operate under the Defence Minister and the last 2 directly under the Empress. All parts use a voluntary service open as of the age of 18, however being part of it will provide easier access to state of the art universities.

Imperial Command is housed in the Imperial Pentagon of Defense commonly known as the Pentagon.


Croatian Ground Army

The Croatian Ground Army is a full professional force of 490,000 Soldiers divided in 49 divisions in addition there are 9120 Officers working behind desks mostly from Army Intelligence, Army JAG or Admninistrative. During peace time around 150,000 Soldiers operate on combat readiness the others either on additional education or Governmental work in other divisions. For example fire fighting or Policing but also construction or Emergency hospitals making it an effective force on most levels. Amongst tactics are guerilla warfare and blitzkrieg for the unlikely but still possible situation of a war on friendly or hostile territory.

Of the 15 always active divisions 10 are Special Ops who mostly are used as a Peacekeeping force or in case of war, invading force. In addition the Army operates 4000 Armored vehicles. It is headquartered in Zagreb in the same building as Imperial Command and the Order of the Phoenix.


Croatian Navy

The Croatian Navy is one of the biggest forces in the Adriatic and Mediterranean operating general Coast Guard ships for the defence of territorial waters and a Blue Water navy to preserve the sovereignty of Croatian merchant vessels on sea it is a force constantly active usign Aircraft Carriers, Submarines, Cruisers, Battleships, etc. to make it's pressence clear. Due to it's relative late rise ships are being actively constructed with priority on Carriers and Submarines. it actively cooperates with the Air Force in regards to preservation of Croatian Airspace with unidentified Aircraft being intercepted before they even enter Croatian Airspace in a level they could inflict harm. In peacetime it will focus on anti-piracy operations and in wartime on effectively disabling Naval capacity of the enemy. In addition to ships protecting the seas Ballistic anti-ship missiles from the Nordland age are still operated by the navy. The Navy is headquartered in Split which is also the largest naval base.


Croatian Air Force and Defense

The Croatian Air Force is in cooperation with the Navy the only force to preserve Sovereign Airspace and attack enemy airspace during war, in addition at the request of Allies it can be used to protect Allied territory. Using amongst other the CF-1 it is a Stealth Force that can be reconfigured for multiple combat operations such as air-to-air for aerial Superiority or defence and air-to-ground weapons to assist the Army. It is also used for VIP transports or emergency operations by Special Ops. The Air Force is headquartered in Belgrade.

State Security Administration

The UDBA is a partly Military partly Civilian Intelligence Agency with divisions in all forces of the Armed Forces except the Templar Guards. It's main goal is to protect Croatian Officials and Sovereignity on national and international level meaning it is in essence authorizing it to conduct espionage or watch Croatian citizens as long as it protects the Empire. Within the Armed Forces itself it uses Naval, Ground and Air resources to monitor situations abroad and at home. It is also responsible to provide daily reports to the Government about operations and events around the world.

{Coat of Arms soon}

The Phoenix Guard

The Phoenix Guard is the agency mainly responsible for the Security of the Government and Foreign Officials in addition to Croatian Officials abroad. Phoenix Guards are also partly responsible for the Security of the Imperial Family. In times of need it is used to preserve Imperial holdings such as palaces. Such times of need could for example be rebellion, terrorist attacks or foreign invasions. However the main security of the Empress and possible children is done by another agency. The Phoenix Guard operates around 50,000 people and 990 Armored Vehicles. Escorts and limousines not included. It has it's headquarters in Zagreb.



The Templar Guard

The Templar Guard officially is only known as a division of the Phoenix Guard however in reality it is a seperate organization composed of the best in the Empire. Potential guards are already selected at the age of 10 and enter an intensive program then going on to the age of 21 in which they learn about different martial arts, weapons but also enjoy an academic education with parents receiving around 200,000 Kuna per year. Once finished they will receive housing in different palaces but always close to the Empress. At this time the Guard exists of 190 women and 175 men. For obvious reasons the rooms around that of the Empress or in the future Emperor only guards of the same gender are allowed.

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