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Yuktobanian Embassy Sign Up

Razgriz 2K9

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Nation Name:

Nation Type (government):

Nation Ruler:


Wish for embassy in your nation: Y/N


Republic of New England (Kira Israkov/John Garrett)

Republic of Aiginor (Irena Chuikov/Abbie Payne)

Kingdom of Caucasia (Sergei Ungar/Charles Loud)

Mascurian Sultanate of Pakistan (Ilya Mironov/Maximilian Fightmaster)

United Kingdom of Buryatia (Victor Duvornik/Sir Andrei Trubachev)

The Nation of Selenarctos (Nikita Putin/Juan Arellano)

Republic of New Andromeda (William Smithe)

Republic of Procinctia (Liska Atka)

Kingdom of Cochin (Boris Yeltsov/Lin Biao)

Queendom of Australia (Maria Shamanov/Harley Drake)

Shinsei Shikkoku Teikoku (Ivan Kentov/Kallen Kouzuki)

Fascist State of Italica (Michael Disarov/Carlo Rossi)

The Commonwealth of Texas (Arisha Akarov/Simon Dice)

Kingdom of Disparu (Valentina Putin/Gustavo Bauer)

Republic of Kitex (Fyodor Brezhnev/Charlie Brown)

The Empire of Golekh (Sergei Kinslev/Yu Izuka)

Kingdom of Zargathia (Cecil Harvarov/Kuang Shi)

Union of Artica (Alexey Furisaka/Simone Beauregard)

Slavorussian Empire (Galina Garza/Grand Duke Konstantin)

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Nation Name: The Nation of Selenarctos

Nation Type (government): Constitutional Dictatorship

Nation Ruler: IKrolm, Benevolent Dictator for Life

Ambassador: Juan Arellano

Wish for embassy in your nation: Yes

We would like to send an armed 10 man security team to the Embassy (they will carry nothing heavier than the SIG 550 assault rifle). Would this be acceptable?

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Nation Name: New Andromeda

Nation Type (government): Republic

Nation Ruler: President Thomson Cruz

Ambassador: William Smithe

Wish for embassy in your nation: No

We would also request that the ceilings be covered with a layer of tin foil due to personal beliefs.

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Nation Name: Procinctia (Procintia as alternate pronunciation/spelling)

Nation Type (government): Post-War Reconstruction, Pre-Transitional

Nation Ruler: Generalissimo, Generalissimo of Procinctia

Ambassador: Liska Atka (Acting Minster of Foreign Affairs)

Wish for embassy in your nation: Not until Saint Paul Island has been further decontaminated

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Drakoria: Approved, we will send in Sergei Ungar as Ambassador

Mascurian Pakistan: Approved, we will send in Ilya Mironov as Ambassador

Buryatia: Approved, we will send in Victor Duvornik as Ambassador

Selenarctos: Approved, we will send in Nikita Putin as Ambassador

New Andromeda: Approved, and we will agree to your wishes.

Procinctia: Approved, we hope your decontamination efforts are sucessful

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I'm sorry, but until I know whether you want to have an embassy in your country or not, your request is Denied.

We apologize for that clerical oversight. We have re-submitted the request.

OOC Translation: I edited my post. ;)

Edited by Subtleknifewielder
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