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Troop deployment issue


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Heres what happened

I declared war on a nation and i deployed 8,000 troops to attack. At the time i was currently at war with several other nations. So i started attacking. Well, while i was attacking, the nation i had jus declared loged on and attacked me back. For some odd reason, this made all of my troops go home . . . and i couldn't deploy. Why did they get sent home????

I should also say I have dieal up internet and it has trupbe loading recent pages with cybernations. For instance, IT will register how my nation wast before my last action - unless i refresh (rather annoying if you ask me). Could it possibly be that this may have caused it to go this? And if it is - pls don't ban me (I can defintitely see how this would be an advantage in war) - i came forward and admited the error - its not my fauly that my comp is being stupid.

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Your troops were automatically brought home because you didn't have enough defending troops to protect against the attacker.

Regarding refreshing pages, that sounds like a browser caching issue. Try clearing your internet cache.

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