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Tiger and the Lady


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OOC: Continuation from: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?s...t&p=1683216


Emperor Kim arrived wearing mostly casual clothing at the Foreign Ministry. He had planned on spending some nice quality time with his daughter, but alas, the woes of being a head of state. But still, this was necessary. Several Guardsmen stood outside of the ministry building. They snapped to a tight salute as Keehyuk walked through the doors and down the halls toward the minister's office. He could hear the phones of the ministry staff members ringing continuously as they picked up call after call trying to deal with the situation. When he entered the Foreign Minister's office, he saw the man busy behind a mountain of paperwork chattering something or another into a phone. He took a seat near the door after hanging up his trench coat. A few minutes later, the Minister--Patrick Oh, an older gentleman who preferred to be called by his baptized name--put down the phone and stood up to greet Keehyuk.

"My apologies, my Emperor, for the disturbance and for calling you here."

"Think nothing of it. What happened?"

"We still aren't sure. A rebellion in the Lu Empire started, drew large amounts of strength, and marched on Yamato. Then suddently, the Yamatojin government simply...collapsed. The armed forces disbanded and in some cases started fighting amongst each other."

"Our forces?"

"Have moved up to the border."

"What do you suggest we do, diplomatically?"

"I suggest we contact the Hanseatic League. They are beginning to protect large tracts of land across the globe and have taken measures to protect the land of Yamato already."

"I see. Get me in contact with the Hanseatic Lady Protector. It seems we have more interests in common now."

"Aye sire. Also, the Special Diplomacy Unit has come up with some...very interesting finds."


"It seems that the former Yamatojin government rigged the polls in Yanbian."


"The people of Yanbian voted overwhelming in favor of joining the Empire yet the Yamatojin's rigged the polling devices to record more in their favor."

"Those tricksters! Add discussing the transfer of Yanbian to the Empire with the Lady Protector to the agenda."

"Yes my Lord."


To: Lady Protector Sarah Tintagyl

From: Empire of Korea Foreign Ministry

RE: New Relations

To the Lady Protector of the Hanseatic Commonwealth,

Greetings from the Empire of Korea. Emperor Kim has expressed great interest in expanding diplomatic ties with our Eastern neighbors in light of the Commonwealth's greater presence in the Far East. There are a number of points of interest that the Emperor wishes to discuss as well--including the Yanbian prefecture of Jilin, Yamato. If you would, please respond so that a conference or some forum of discussion may be planned and opened.

Thank you for your time,

Duke Patrick Oh,

Foreign Minister of the Empire

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The upstairs rooms of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo were beautiful. Hard wooden floor, the light sound of a rainfall outside and a small crackling fire in the fireplace across the room. It wasn't Brisbane, it wasn't her normal office, but the recent events had made Sarah change her residence at least for the time being to a more central location to the recent happenings of East Asia. Everything seemed to be happening at once. Yamato had descended into anarchy, the Yellow Turban rebellion had crossed Hanseatic borders, and the Commonwealth had secured its vast tracts of land in Asia for the steady transfer for further governments to rise. But the Yellow Turbans were not who Sarah had in mind for that responsibility.

As she sat in the chair that gently rocked back and forth to the rhythm of the rain and the fire, she could feel her heavy eye lids beginning to close as the room slipped out from sight. Everything was beginning to feel so nice...so peaceful...and then a knock...Sarah closed her eyes tightly at the annoyance. It never failed, anytime she was finally beginning to relax something always came up...always.

A small Japanese girl walked in with a folded letter in her hands. She bowed and smiled. "Joou-Sama, forgive me for bothering you, but this just arrived at the Palace, it is marked from the Korean Foreign Ministry. Minister Yi asked me to deliver it straight to you." Sarah beckoned her over and took the letter from her hands.

"Anything else?"

"No Joou-Sama that is all that was given to me." She bowed and walked out of the room, leaving Sarah alone again with the rain and the crackling fire.

She read through the letter quickly and with a great amount of joy. The Hansa had steadily built itself from a small city-state comprising of Brisbane to one of the largest Pacific powers in the world. Being recognized by Korea as a respectable neighbor was just what Sarah was looking for in the region, an ancient power seeing a new daughter develop, nothing could be more perfect. So she immediately set out to propose a meeting between herself and the Emperor.

Your Imperial Highness,

I would be honored to have an audience with you. At the moment, we will have to do it in Tokyo, as the recent conflicts and events have kept me pinned up on the Japanese mainland. Otherwise I would have proposed Brisbane. Please come as soon as you are able, I will have an escort waiting for you to bring you to the Imperial Palace, we could do lunch or dinner or anything you would prefer as I also have a few things that I would like to add to our agenda for discussion. I'm anxious for our meeting and the friendship that will blossom from it.


Sarah Tintagyl

Lady Protector of the Hanseatic Commonwealth

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Emperor Kim had managed to get some more formal clothing--at least, something more imperial than a pair of jeans and a shirt. He was still in the foreign ministry. There were enough communication lines there so he could deal with all of the issues at once. Something about protests in Dalian for closing the port and reports from field commanders on the Northern Border. A ministry agent walked up to him carrying a sealed message.

"From the Lady Protector, your Highness."

"Thank you."

The man bowed before leaving. Keehyuk unsealed the message and read it. Minister Oh walked in when he was about halfway through the message.

"What is it sire?"

"The Hanseatic Commonwealth. The Lady Protector Sarah Tintagyl sent us a nice message."

He finished reading it and handed the paper to Patrick.

"How shall I reply, mi'Lord?"

"Tell her that we would be more than happy to meet her in Tokyo. Tell her to expect planes bearing Korean Imperial colors to bear in soon. Standard escort group."

"Aye, sire."

"Get me on the line with Seoul Airbase. Need to tell 'em to wake up the pilots."

To: Lady Protector Sarah Tintagyl

From: Empire of Korea Foreign Ministry

RE: New Relations

To the Lady Protector of the Hanseatic Commonwealth,

Emperor Kim would be more than delighted to have the meeting in Tokyo. He will be arriving within the next few hours in a small Korean aircraft marked with Imperial crests and colors. An escort group of a half squadron of Imperial fighter planes will be with it also being Imperial markings. To the glorious future that awaits us.

Duke Patrick Oh,

Foreign Minister of the Empire

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When the planes would finally land hours later a large delegation of Hanseatic politicians and military officers had gathered to greet the Emperor and would serve as the personal escort for him on the journey from the private sector of Tokyo International Airport to the Imperial Palace downtown where he would have his audience with the Lady Protector. Immediately after exiting the craft, the Emperor would be greeted by a line of Hanseatic marines and Lillian Guards, still in firm salute a Captain of the Marines walked over to the Emperor and bowed. "Majesty, it is a pleasure to have you in Tokyo today. If you would follow me there is a car waiting to take you to the Imperial Palace."

Leading the Emperor to the car, the motorcade immediately pulled away on to the freeways leading into downtown Tokyo. It was beginning to get dark as they pulled deeper into the city as the flashing lights and sounds of merrymaking came from beyond the windows around them. Tokyo was the centerpiece of Hanseatic Japan and since the Diversity Act that allowed free access for citizens of non-Japanese decent into the city without either cost or free or retribution the streets were alive with Russians, Finns, Japanese and various other ethnicities bringing the mindset of the Hanseatic way of life. Free and diverse.

About a half hour later from leaving the airport, the limousine entered the ground of the Imperial Palace. It would be a strange feeling, being in Japan and being greeted by guards some with European accents, some of Australian, and some of Russian accents as the pearl white uniforms seemed barely able to dim in the rain. They opened the door with solemn faces of respect as a chamberlain took the Emperor down the polished wooden floors, up through the hallways towards a large set of doors at the end of the hall. "Your Majesty, she has been expecting you." Said one of the guards outside of the door as he gently pushed the door open revealing the room inside.

Sarah who had already prepared for the Emperor's visit was a bit beyond the room on a small veranda, looking down at the gardens in the waning sunlight. Getting up from her chair she walked back into the office with two glasses of wine. "Your Majesty, it is a pleasure to finally meet you. Please, sit down with me. I was just about to begin dinner."

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