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"This may not end as expected..."

Markus Wilding

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IC: Although Hae Da Fung had not officially exited radio silence, it was still highly restricted as to what came out of the nation. Somehow, this news reel made it to the international community, to be played on every news source. It showed a male newscaster reporting a disease that had spread throughout Hae Da Fung.

(obviously translated)

"This is Yuskue Lynn reporting for Hae Da Fung 10, near the capitol! Uh, as you can see behind me, the disease is running rampant as more and more people become infected every day!"

An infected man runs near the camera, nearly knocking Yuskue down.

"Ah! Di-Did he get me? No? OK...well, doctors report that symptoms include a severe cold or flu, then after a day or two, the infected becomes completely insane. There is no known cure other than death, I am afraid. The military is doing everything they can - and that's them now! Wait...what are they saying? R-Run? Run from what? Oh-uh AUGH!"

Yuskue is attacked from behind as the camera turns off from both being shot and falling.

OOC: As for the disease, it's a strain of the zimbie virus in Dilberia, BUT it has a cure. Think more of Left 4 Dead zombies than Resident Evil zombies.

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