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The End of Infection, Dawn of a New Age

Elrich von Richt

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Official Chimairan Dispatch

Declaration of Existence

Location: Infektiongrad, Chimaira

Today, we see this as a dawning, the end of the inevitable, and the tragic. Long ago Chimaira was struck by a disease known only to us now as the "Chimeria Virus". We have overcome it, our people's strong perservation the driving force. Without world help, stranded on our own, we fought to continue living. Chimairans fought day to day to stay alive, to not succumb to the disease. And they rested their trust afterwards to not allowing liberals, or conservatives to rule their day, but a single party dedicated to doing the will of the people, and being their front. From that day, the Chimairan Nationalist Party exists. We govern our sovereign land in the name of our people, and only our people. However, to move forward to the subject, we will address the matter that is truly on the agenda, and the reasoning for our outside contact today. Despite our isolationism, and decision to remain mostly veiled to the outside world, due to previous history during the disease. We wish to announce to the world the existence of our Republic, the Chimairan Republic. Not the liberal state Chimaira was once, the dormant state it once retained. Now, we view it as a new age, a new Republic, one that will move forward, and one that will achieve. We look forward to the world, to this Planet. Chimaira dawns over the Earth, today, and the people's banner waves strong over Infektiongrad. Chimaira eller Död!

Signed, Presidenten och Triumvirat Elrich von Richt


tl;dr: Chimairan Republic Exists, Land Claimed = Belarus [Thanks to Reimar], Chimairan Nationalist Party rules Chimaira, Brief History in Beginning.

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President von Richt,

I see that the people of Belarus have finally found a new stable government to rise in my stead. We do not know each other formally, so allow me to introduce myself. I am Sarah Tintagyl, Lady Protector of the Hanseatic Commonwealth centered in the Pacific. In recent history, my people laid claim to the nation that you now control. Belarus during Hanseatic rule was created to be a center of European culture, a pinnacle of what could be accomplished through diversity. Home to Germans, Poles, Slavorussians, and many more you have at your fingertips one of the best examples of what can be done through human friendship and peace.

In the future, I hope to have friendly relations with your people, because as they are your people, they were also mine. From all accounts thus far you seem to have in you the makings of a strong leader, with the courage to lead Belarus into the modern age. I wish you good luck, peace, prosperity and the wish that you will at least attempt to inspire the same diversity and freedom that graced White Russia to the present.


Sarah Tintagyl

Lady Protector of the Hanseatic Commonwealth

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Elrich von Richt wishes to take this moment to formally thank to former ruler of the land, Sarah Tintagyl. We shall make the land remain as it was, prosperous, and ever-enduring. Chimaira stands as a land of freedom, and of people's rights as a whole. We wish you in the Hanseatic Commonwealth luck in the Pacific Ocean, and hope for relations in the future to be modest and good. Thank you for the recognition of our government, it is very appreciated.

We also thank you, Brian Reimar, we shall look to Prussia for better relations in the future as well, and hope for us both to be prosperous, and good neighbors.

Edited by Elrich von Richt
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