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It's Just My Destiny

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Ladies & Gentlemen,

I've come to announce the new beginning. The beginning of the freedom era where might no longer makes right. That being said a new alliance is being established "The Destiny Project."

What is The Destiny Project? It is an alliance that will focus equally externally and internally. This alliance is for some of the more active and irc active in people in the cyberverse who look for unity and a voice internally. We will have a general assembly to give every member a voice. We will not accept everyone who applies; we will base our application off of the character and not the nation strength they posses.

Furthermore we are not interested in finding allies off the basis of Nation Strength. In my personal experiences in CN some of the biggest alliances in the game are also some of the most inactive. We hope to find a place in the cyberverse for like-minded alliances and flourish in that community. If you are interested in learning what we are about just message myself, Letub or send a diplomat over.

Edit: We need a flag. We wish for submissions to be about Destiny theme flag. PM them to me and name your price. Also, I hadn't finished this announcement at the time and hit enter by mistake so meh. We are protected so any attacks on us will cost you.

Important Information:

Contacts: TimLee, Letub

Forums: http://www.thedestinyproject.com

IRC: #Destiny

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How about this?


(I didn't make it, I just googled Destiny) :lol1:

I'd try and do you one but I'm not really sure what the theme of destiny is and when searching google images for 'destiny' without safe search on, I got sidetracked.

Also, what colour is your alliance?

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