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Aid Cancellation?

Mr. Teets

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I sent AID to a friend of mine who recently made a nation, everything was fine. But now, 3 days later the AID offer shows that it was canceled because we are on the same network. We do live close IRL, but shouldn't it have known on day 1 that we were? As far as I know neither of us have changed which computers we're getting on, so the IP's aren't different from the first day.

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Did you ever log in on each other's computer?

no we did not, he only lives like 3 miles away from me though so if the IP's are similar enough that sounds like the problem. He also had issue receiving AID from another RL friend of mine. Except that AID couldn't be sent, mine was sent, accepted, then canceled.

It just confused me that it wasn't canceled on the first day but waiting for 3 days. And I have had no issue sending AID to any RL friends before.

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