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The Absolutely Best Arguement Against Saved Stats


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Seriously people you don't need to be a big massive nation to have fun in RP. Weaker characters and nation have the potential to be far more interesting than these huge mergers.

A good story line doesn't have to come from a position of power. A great rp nation or merger absolutely does not need to be the biggest and best. It all comes down to the story and the willingness of the rper to invest in that story.

Creating an intersting story, using your writing skills, and wooing your audience along with an awesome scene does not need a massed legion of unstopable retardopults.

It merely means you have to be willing to creatively write.

Saved stats kills the creative process by allowing nations to keep chugging along. Saved stats kills the opprotunity for interesting moments in rp.

Saved Stats kills baby seals as well.

Don't be afraid of rping as someone weaker. It's good for you, it's good for rp, and it's good for the baby seals.

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