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The Southern Union

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"Hello, and welcome to The Southern Union!

I decided to speak with you all tonight to help explain our goals as an alliance. First off... you may be asking yourself 'What is The Southern Union'? Well... the Southern Union is an alliance that is founded on three core beliefs. Loyalty to each other, Pride in our alliance and Respect for the game. Loyalty, Pride, Respect.... it's the foundation we're built on.

We decided to break from our old alliances to construct a place where everyone is equal.

In our alliance, not only is joking allowed, but it's encouraged. We want people with a sense of humor and the ability to laugh at the world around them.

We strive for an environment where a player can be confortable... as such, personal attacks and harassment will not be tolerated. Joking is fine... but when jokes become mean, the line has been crossed!

Also, it is our wish to see our member nations prosper! We will help you gain Tech deals and will do our best to help you get top notch trades. We also offer recruitment bonuses.

I know there are a lot of alliances in CyberNations. A lot of them will offer you money to join and protection to keep you around. But we offer something that most cannot.... Friendship.

I hope you decide to join the Southern Union.... The Alliance where EVERY member counts!

Thank you!


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