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Joint Announcement from IAA and Athens

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The Treaty that is so Awesome we Couldn't Give it a Name Pact V 2.0


Let it be known that Athens and IAA are all about the love and friendship that only degenerates like us are able to share. Let no man rend asunder the bond between these two scumbag alliances and the everlasting respect and friendship that this document represents. In Osbourne's name we pray.

Article 1: Sovereignty

Both signatories shall remain sovereign entities at all times and will demonstrate this by agreeing to never knowingly interfere in the internal and external affairs of another. Both parties recognize that any overt or malicious violations of this article may result in an immediate cancellation of this document by the affected party.

Article 2: Non Aggression

Both signatories shall enter into a state of non aggression with each other for the entire duration of this treaty and agree to never conspire or commit acts of espionage against one another. Both signatories agree to never give any form of aid or assistance to an alliance or individual that a signatory of this treaty is militarily engaged with. Both parties recognize that any overt or malicious violations of this article may result in an immediate cancellation of this document by the affected party.

Article 3: Respect

In order for our relationship to remain strong and healthy, we must agree to always show respect towards each other in all public domains and agree to refrain from trolling or flaming each other's allies. Any disputes shall be settled in private, in a calm and dignified manner.

Article 4: Communication

Both parties shall remain in constant communication with each other in order to keep the relationship strong and healthy. Any available form of communication may and should be used.

Article 5: Intelligence

Both parties agree to share any and all information with each other that pertains to the safety and stability of one another. Any information passed shall be kept confidential and not shared with any third parties unless explicit permission is given.

Article 6: Mutual Defence

A direct attack on a signatory of this treaty by a non signatory alliance or individual shall be seen as an attack on both signatories and will be treated as such. All proper retaliatory manoeuvres will be taken. This article is subject to a non chaining clause stated below.

No-chaining clause: If either signatory is attacked due to honouring a military treaty that they share with a foreign alliance, mutual defence is no longer mandatory, but an option. Both alliances advocate enacting the option, but understand that there is the possibility that the other may choose not to enact the option, for whatever reason, and that decision will be supported by the other signatory, regardless.

Article 7: Optional Aggression

If a signatory wishes to pursue a offensive war and a request for assistance has been sent to the other signatory, then the respective signatory isn't required, but is encouraged, to provide assistance. In such cases of an offensive war, the signatories shall share all information pertinent to said war.

Article 8: Cancellation

This treaty may be cancelled at any time, by either signatory. The cancelling party must give the other signatory a private, 72 hour notice of their intent to cancel. This treaty shall remain in effect until this time period elapses, at which point, it shall be declared officially null and void.

Should Articles 1 or 2 be violated, with no chance of a diplomatic solution that allows for the continuation of these accords, this treaty may be cancelled immediately by the affected party, thereby releasing both signatories from all the obligations set out in this treaty at the moment cancellation notice is given.

Signed on behalf of Athens,

Londo Mollari, Archon eponymos

Max Beck, Archon eponymos

Rsoxbronco1, Archon basileus

UacYuri, Archon basileus

Angryraccoon, Polemarch

Jgoods45, Theorodokos

HavoK, Strategos

Eztoindajar, Agoranomos

Duke Lansky, Agoranomos

Dragon, Agoranomos

an4rk, Dikast

Medtech, Didact

Jack Diorno, Choregos


Signed on behalf of the Imperial Assault Alliance,

His Majesty, the Emperor: Chimaera

Grand Vizier: Mathias

Imperial Regent: The Black Watch

Grand Admiral: MercyFallout

Grand Moff: Darth Nihilus

Galactic Reserve Chairman: HeRo1

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Athens, you should really just let MK handle your foreign policy. You've signed treaties with Invicta, Sparta, MHA, IAA, and several others, but this is nothing the time nor the place to discuss these alliances. All I am asking is that you take my advice and be more selective about who you sign treaties with, and to stop allying with every unwanted stray that heads your way.

Edited by Rebel Virginia
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