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CCC Election Results

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Dear friends,

It is with great pleasure and joy that we inform you we have had another successful election and smooth transition.

Our leaders are:

Chancellor: slave2jesus (aka jatut) of Botswana

Vice-Chancellor: Jelly Doughnut of Wiggliana

Minister of Defence: Zion7 of Land of God

Minister of Internal Affairs: allycowie of Les Paul Supreme

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Me, your unprofitable servant

We look forward as a team and family to reaching out to Planet Bob in fellowship, to honouring friend and foe-alike, and generally doing all we can to make Planet Bob a better place for all alliances and nations.

Thank you and peace be with you all.

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Thanks for all the kind words.

Jelly, when you have a name like that it just leads people on. If you don't like it I am afraid you may have to change your name to something less appetizing. How about Moldy stale bread? People naturally want to take a bite out of you.

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Congradulations to our new Government! Definately looks like a winning line-up ! Congradulations on a 2nd term in the Chancellory slave2Jesus and Vice Chancellor Jelly Doughnut ! (a servant-heart & a snack-food, we can't loose !) ^_^

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