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Empire of Nations

Jesse Hamric

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Empire of Nations Central News Agency

Good afternoon folks, just minutes ago we received a report outlining a massive new spending bill. The bill will cost approx 67 million euros. The Commander has stated that the projects outlined in this spending bill are necessary to the goodwill of the nation. He has outlined and spoke about each article of the bill.

Article 1. 5 Samartk-7 Cruise Missiles.


"The first potion of the bill in which I have proposed outlines my plans to purchase five Sarmartk-7 Cruise Missiles. Until this point we have relied on our infantry, while they are highly trained and loyal fighters, they are just not enough to survive a large-scale attack. These five missiles I hope will be a deterrent against any attacks on our soil. While we have no plans to use these missiles in our Global Revision Act conflicts, we will use them against any nations which attack us."

Reporter - We received word yesterday of a smaller bill that would add eighty tanks, new rifles, pistols, and police gear to our great armed forces. Apparently that was only the beginning of a much larger project. The Empire of Nations currently holds no weapons arsenal, so these five missiles will mark the beginning of what could be seen as a new global power.

Article 2. Military Doubling

"The second part of this bill calls for a 100% increase in our infantry. I believe that global strife is becoming a bigger issue, so a larger military is necessary. I am asking upon all citizens capable to answer the call and enlist!

Article 3. Foreign Affairs Office

"One aspect of our nation that I always disagreed with the Supreme Commander with, was on trade. While he has always maintained the idea of self-dependence, I call it isolation. I have adopted plans for our first ever foreign affairs building. Not only will this building be a symbol of our power in the global market, it will be a symbol in its own right. The building has been designed by a head architect and will be the first ever of its kind."


Article 4. Harbor De La Pax

"I have created a plan that will create a large and powerful harbor. This will be our largest military base, and will house the new missile defense command, as well as featuring a large barracks. I hope that it is here, we will begin to build our new and vast navy, which I know we deserve. The building shown is the projected barracks.


Article 5. Moneroi National Stadium

"As much as I believe that national defense is the most important issue, I also believe that morale is important. We currently have no national stadium. I plan to change that as of this moment with plans for the Moneroi National Stadium. I have included an image of our stadium. The stadium will be the largest in the world, seating 4x as many people as the current largest."

"I believe that all these improvements will significantly increase our infrastructure".

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The Government of Disparu congratulates Commander Hamric and his government for the recent development of EoN's infrastructure and the construction of new improvements. We are also happy to know that the EoN government is beginning to rescind it's isolationist policies.

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The government of Kitex congratulates the EON on the buying of its missiles, doubling its military and also the construction of a harbor. We hope that the EON will end its isolationist policies and join in with the rest of the world in embracing the free market.

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Naturally, this disturbs us to see a small country doubling their strength. Nonetheless we send our coungratulations.

Your concern is respected, but it is necessary for us to form a larger military if we wish to pursue our Global Revision Plan, and continue down the road to world peace.

-Commander General

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The Kingdom of Cathr would like to extend it's congratulations on the expanse of EoN. All nations must be able to defend themselves and purchasing such weapons are necessary. We enjoy seeing EoN taking this step.

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