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We, the founding nations of Synergia, hearby notify everyone of the existence of our alliance of sovereign nations. This alliance is founded on the prospect of making temporary trading a reality for the nations involved in a way that will be non-intrusive to all involved. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please visit us at http://z3.invisionfree.com/Synergia/index.php?act=idx or #Synergia on Coldfront.


Article 1: Alliance Structure

1.1: Triumvirate

The Triumvirate shall be the highest level of government within Synergia. The Triumvirs are elected from those members of the House of Representatives who have served at least a full term; voters are all members of Synergia. Each Triumvir will serve for a term of six months. In order to create continuity in government, every second month another Triumvir's position will be open to a vote. A person will be elected if that person has won a majority of the votes.

1.1.1 Triumvir Succession

In the case of a Trivumvir being unable to fulfill his duty to Synergia or being absent for seven days or more without notice, the Speaker of The House shall take his place until the next Triumvir election and The House shall appoint a new member and vote on a new Speaker of The House. In the case a Speaker is unable to be a Triumvir due to not being in the house long enough, the senior house member will be appointed with tie being broke by date joined the alliance

1.2: The House of Representatives

The House of Representatives, hereafter named The House, is the second layer of the government structure of Synergia. The Representatives are elected from the general membership; voters are all members of Synergia, including the Triumvirs. The number of members is two times the number of Departments in the alliance. Each Representative will serve for a term of four months. In order to create continuity in government, every second month half the number of the Representatives' position will be open to a vote. A person will be elected if that person has won a majority of the votes.

The Triumvirs and The House will allocate two Representatives (Shadow representatives) to each Department, to follow up, inform and where necessary advise the Director. The House has two main functions: it is an advisory council to the Triumvirs and it controls the well working of the Departments.

1.2.1: Speaker of the House

The Speaker of the House shall serve as a nominal leader of the House. Members of the House shall elect the Speaker after each House election. The Speaker will cast the tie-breaking vote in cases of ties in the House and any reports the House may need to make to the membership, Directors, or Triumvirs.

1.2.2 House Succession

Should a member of The House be unable to fulfill his duty or be absent for seven days or more without notice The House shall immediately set out to appoint a successor to finish the missing members term. Should the missing member in question be The Speaker of The House an election will take place immediatly after the new House member is seated to replace The Speaker.

1.3: Department Directors

The Directors are the leaders of the operational Departments in Synergia. All members elect the Directors from general membership. Each Director will serve for a term of four months. In order to create continuity in government, every second month half the number of Directors position will be open to a vote. A person will be elected if that person has won a majority of the votes. Directors are not members of The House.

1.4: Expulsion

A member can be expelled by a majority of the Triumvirate or a majority of The House.

A Representative can be expelled or demoted by a majority of the House, or by a unanimous decision of the Triumvirate.

A Triumvir can be expelled or demoted either a majority of the House plus two Triumvirs or a 75% vote of the House and of the membership

1.5: Military support to the alliance

No member will be allowed to run or get elected for any position, if it does not comply with the military minimum requirements as posted by the Director of Defense and unanimously accepted by the Triumvirs.

Article 2: Voting procedures and legislation creation

All voting procedures done by the general membership of Synergia take 48 hours, unless otherwise specified.

All voting procedures done by The House of Synergia take 48 hours, unless otherwise specified.

All voting procedures done by the Triumvirs take place as soon as the necessary voters are available, or 24 hours maximum.

Any voter not placing a vote within the specified time frame will be considered absent and will not count towards the vote.

The Triumvirate will decide any vote ending in a tie.

2.1: Voting Procedure for offices of Synergia

Elections shall occur in Synergia at the time the charters calls for. In the case more than one election falling during the same time, the following is how the elections shall take place. 72 hours before voting, nominations for Triumvirs shall start. After the 72 hours elapse, a 48 hour poll shall be opened for voting. During this same time, nominations for Representatives shall open for 72 hours. Then when this closes, a 48 hours poll for Representatives will be opened. At this time, a 72 hour nomination for Directors will open. Once this period is over, a 48 hour poll will follow.

2.1.1: Nominations

Any member of Synergia can nominate someone who qualifies for office, for that office. Unless the member nominated specifically accepts the nomination, it will be assumed he/she has declined the opportunity to run for office. Members may also nominate themselves if they would like to run for office.

Article 3: Departments

Departments shall be lead by Directors who will be responsible for everyday running and organization of their Department. Directors may appoint one or more Deputy Directors, from any member rank. Deputy Directors shall work under their Director to aid in the everyday operations of the Department.

3.1: The different departments

3.1.1: Department of Trade and Recruitment

The main goal of this department is to organize the trade resource swapping. It will maintain a trade reservation thread and will oversee the coordination of the swaps.

It will also steer the recruiting efforts as to supply the necessary resources needed for the successful trading.

This department will also set up temporary trade circles for new members not having reached the 1K infra or for members indicating the need for a temporary trade circle due to a (short) period of inactivity (vacation,...).

3.1.2: Department of Defense

This department will set the guides of military build up and will check the compliance of members with it, when such members want to run for a position. The department will handle all wars between individual nations. The department will set up and organize a roster. The department will supply war guides.

3.1.3: Department of Finance

This department will organize the financial matters of the alliance, more specifically, it will handle grants and loans and it will set up tech deals for the alliance members.

3.1.4: Department of Information

This department will gather intelligence about the Cyber Nations world and establish relations with other alliances. The department is also responsible for all member related intelligence.

The Department of Information will create a nation building information center and where necessary provide mentors. Periodically, it will advise members on the growth of their nations.

Article 4: Oversight of the Departments

4.1: If a Director steps down or is absent without notification for more than seven days, the Triumvirs will assign the Department to one of the Representatives that shadow the missing Director. The Triumvirs will select a new Representative, whose position will be open for voting at the next election. No new Director will be assigned, if the Director went missing during the last seven days of his term.

4.2 If a Representative or a Triumvir believes that a Director's actions are not in the best interests of the alliance, he may move to overrule him. After a 48 hours debate, a vote will take place and Triumvirs and Representatives decide by majority. If the Director will be replaced, Triumvirs and Representatives will assign one of the Shadow Representative to the vacant Directorial position.

Article 5: Membership

5.1: Joining

Synergia is an invitational alliance and sends out membership invitations. Nevertheless, we may consider membership requests.

All potential members are required to not be in any current wars and complete the sign up form in the applicants thread. Synergia is under no obligation to accept new applicants, nor does it have to justify membership refusal.

5.2: Membership

Once a member is accepted, it has the full rights and benefits of the alliance. Members under 1000 infra are not obliged to take part in the trade swap program, but they are encouraged to join the trade-training program. Within 24 hours after their acceptance, members must change their alliance affiliation to Synergia.

5.3: Color

Synergia is mainly an Aqua alliance, but due to the nature of the alliance, members are allowed to change team colors, if deemed necessary by the Director of Trade, to fulfill export of trade resource swaps.

5.4: Leaving Synergia

At any time a member may leave Synergia, as long as all obligations connected to acceptance of grants or payments are fulfilled. Members leaving the alliance have no more free access to the trading system.

Article 6: Charter Amendments

6.1: Triumvir and Representative proposal

If at least one Triumvir and one Representative feel the Charter is in need of an amendment, they may jointly sponsor a Bill to The House detailing the desired amendments. Any Bill not sponsored shall not be open to debate, voting, or ratification.

6.2: Member proposal

Any member may petition The House to amend the Charter. To be brought to The House the member/s seeking to amend the charter must draft a Bill and submit it with the number of signers totaling ¼ of the current membership or 15, excluding Directors, Triumvirs and Representatives.

6.3: Debating and Voting

When a proposed Bill or petition to amend the charter has met the requirements for submission it will move into debate. Debaters will be the people proposing, the Representatives and the Triumvirs, debating period will be 4 days, after which Representatives will vote.

6.4: Ratification

Should the proposed amendment receive the required 2/3 majority in he House, the amendment will move to The Triumvirate, where another vote is opened for 24 hours. A unanimous approval is necessary in order to ratify the amendment. If the amendment is ratified, it is implemented immediately.

Article 7: Synergia and war

7.1: Alliance Stance

Synergia is a peaceful alliance that believes that by limiting warfare, our nations shall prosper. It does not support first striking.

7.2: Defense

Even though Synergia does not believe in first strike, it retains all rights to defend its members. This includes all forms of warfare including nuclear weapons as described in 7.3. The sitting Director of Defense will be in charge of all matters when it comes to the defense of Synergia.

7.3: Nuclear Weapons

Synergia does not believe nuclear weapons should be used in a first strike method. However, if a member of Synergia is hit with a nuclear weapon, return fire is authorized. The first strike policy can be voided by a unanimous vote by both The House and Triumvirate.

7.4: Treaties and pacts

Synergia does believe in the treaties and pacts it creates with other alliances and will stand behind any treaty or pact it agreed to. Treaties need a simple majority in the House.

7.5: Inter alliance wars

Synergia will only declare an inter alliance war after a unanimous decision of the Triumvirs. Peace agreements must be agreed to by both a majority of Triumvirs and the House.

7.6: Other

The practice commonly known as "Tech Raiding" will not be allowed by Synergia. Nor will the sentences of PZI or EZI be used as all can play the game unless almighty admin decides otherwise. If a nation declares war without specific DoD/Triumvir approval, they shall have a 48 hour period to give their case followed by a Triumvir vote.

Article 8: The beginning

8.1: For the first six months, the Triumvirate will consist of Hefe4711, Rabidman and Kippa Tarxien. At the end of six months, the first seat on the Triumvirate will be open for election.

8.2: The House of Representatives will not be filled until membership grows to over 15 members. At that point in time, every month, two members will be added. The nomination for members of the House of Representatives will become open and members can send their nominations to the Triumvirate.


Loch Ness Monster of Empire Earth: AoC, Funder

Hefe4711 of Temple Kingdom, Founder

rabidman of Ciudad de Muerto, Founder

Kippa Tarxien of Kalina, Founder

Edited by Kippa Tarxien
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Synergia is protected by Kronos


Bonds of Time


Through this pact, Kronos and Synergia enter into a treaty of protection and guidance. By this, may they both grow and prosper mutually.

Article 1:

Each alliance is sovereign and both parties agree to honor that. However Synergia agrees to seek out guidance from Kronos as they enter into a new realm as an alliance.

Article 2:

Both parties agree to hold the other in the utmost of respect, agreeing upon mutual respect when they may disagree on a subject at hand. This carries over to the others allies and is expected to be maintained at all times, both in public and in private.

Article 3:

Kronos pledges complete diplomatic and militaristic protection over Synergia for the life of this treaty. Any attack on Synergia will be seen as an attack on Kronos and will activate all policies as if it had been.

Synergia pledges to support Kronos in anyway necessary and should Kronos come under attack, will come to the aid of Kronos if requested, be it financially, diplomatically or militarily.

Should either party enter into an aggressive war, both parties maintain the option to enter in with them, though it is not required.

Article 4:

Both parties agree to share intelligence with each other, including internal and foreign information pertitent to the others economic, military and diplomatic interests.

Article 5:

Should the time come that this treaty is no longer necessary, or either party feels it no longer wants to participate, either party may cancel this bond with a 72hr written notification to the other. Any violation of this bond will require compensation by the other to be negotiated by both parties.

Signed for Kronos:

Epiphanus - Harbinger of Light

Snowbeast - Harbinger of Light

Enderland - Harbinger of Light

Napoleon - Harbinger of War

Heracles - Harbinger of Prosperity

Signed for Synergia:

Kippa Tarxien of Kalina - Founder

rabidman of Ciudad de Muerto - Founder

hefe4711 of Temple Kingdom - Founder

Loch Ness Monster of Empire Earth: AoC - Founder

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