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Stockholm Airport


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Stockholm Airport, private runway B8

Three figures, dressed in long black coats hushed trough the pouring rain to a waiting Gulfstream jet.

"Start the engines, we need to be in Vienna in a few hours!" shouted one of the three man.

The jet cleared for take off with the tower and in a few minutes it was in the air.

The oldest of the three guys relaxed when he heard the pilot say they just passed the border with Preussen.

"Well gentleman, I think we can return to the Sverige in a few days and start heading the country in the right direction. I moved everything in place to be able to grasp power when people find out the lost their 'king'. Lets make a toast on this occasion." He then proceeded to pour in some champaign and all three of them toasted

Meanwhile a telephone in the air traffic control tower started to ring.

"Hello, this is air traffic control Stockholm"

"This is general Svecka Langrun, I want all planes to stay on the ground, and everything that is in the air should land immediately. We received word that there was an assassination at the king. Also, we want a full report of all the air traffic in the last few hours."

"Well thats easy, because of the weather only private owned planes are allowed to leave. The only thing in the air at the moment is a Gulfstream owned by Röda Svenska Företaget (the Red Swedisch Company)." The operator looked at the big screen in the tower. "And it just left the Sverige airspace, it now entered Prussian airspace." The general thought about this for a few seconds. "Get Prussian air control on the phone, tell them to return the jet, or ground it. Whatever, it can't proceed without the passengers identified."

"This is Stockholm air traffic control for Königsberg air traffic control, please contact the Gulfstream with tailnumber SE-AGR and order it to return immediately!"

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"Radio report from Danzig Air Command"

Generalfeldmarschall Gunther nodded to his aide. "Push the transfer to my desk."

"Jawohl" the aide soon rushed out of the room to tell the communications officer the command.

Generalfeldmarschall Gunther sat and put on the communications headphones, he knew what Air Command had to say wasn't necessarily open-office clearance.

"Patching you through now..."

Gunther nodded, waiting impatiently for the patch to finally drop. He was rewarded with the familiar 'open-line' static signifying the opening of communications.

"Generalfeldmarschall Gunther, this is Oberst Friedman from the 34th Luftwaffe Division. Approximately fifteen minutes ago, we received transmissions coming from the Sverige. Apparently a domestic terror group attempted to assassinate their sovereign."

Gunther was shocked.


Friedman continued with his script.

"Unknown sir. Approximately five minutes ago we identified a Gulfstream aircraft traveling with barrings 422.231 W toward Königsberg, tailstatus SE-AGR. This aircraft is in violation of a Sverige order to ground all craft. We have significant reason to believe that the terrorists responsible for the assassination attempt earlier today. What are your orders?"

Gunther was not amused, a fairly new nation and already being preyed upon by terrorist scum.

"Scramble a compliment of fast-fliers, box in the plane and force landing in Königsberg. If they do not comply, lead them to Warsaw-Martensheim or Berlin. Clear the runways at the civilian airfields and place GROM boarding teams across the nation on full alert. We're going to bag these scum."


PRU-201 Fighters scrambled toward the Ostsee to intercept the terrorist aircraft

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"Sir, theres an incoming phone call from Stockholm for you." Martin grinned, there was only one person who knew this number, he had been waiting for this call. He took the phone from the co-pilot.

"Tobias, do you have good news for me?

"Yes Martin, we blew around 8000 rounds through the limo, it was as easy as you told us, at the end we blew the car up with a RPG. I don't think anybody survived."

"What do you mean!?" Martin almost screamed in his phone "You didn't check for bodies, you idiot!?"

"No, the region was crawling with troops in all kinds of uniforms, we only had a small window to get the hell out of there, somebody tipped them off"

Martins voice suddenly lost all its warmth "Next time make sure you succeed in your mission, even if you die! Do you understand that?"

He almost broke the phone when he violently hung up.

"Sir?" the co-pilot had a worried look on his face "We are being hailed by the Prussian, and there is a disturbing amount of planes heading our direction.

Martin sank down in his chair, everything was lost, years of preparation. He took a gun out of the suitcase next to him. He aimed at the co-pilot. "We will keep flying till I say stop!"

He may have lost the game, but he would never allow them to drag him through the streets of Stockholm.

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Martin walked up and down the small aisle in the plane, thinking about ways to get out of this situation.

Suddenly he saw a fighter yet, flying a few meters away from the wings. The pilot looked at him, then he saw a bright flash coming from behind the pilot.

"Did they just photograph me?" Martin was stunned, they had his picture, there was no use in hiding now.

"Sir" the co-pilot stuck his head around the corner "We are being hailed again, the are threatening to shoot us down"

"Well, then evade them or something!" The second he said that he knew it was a dumb idea, no commercial plane can evade a squadron of well trained fighters.

He walked to his seat, picked up a black bag and went to the bathroom.

The co-pilot mumbled something to himself "When you gotta go, you gotta go."

Suddenly the crew and Martins 2 companions heard a gun shot from inside the toilet. They looked shocked at each other, then one of the two companions turned to the co-pilot. "Tell them we will put the plan down on the nearest airport, tell them to have an ambulance ready."

The co-pilot nodded in agreement and returned to the cabin.

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