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Army HQ, Stockholm, Sverige


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An office boy came running towards general Svecka Langrun, who was just biting down on a BLT sandwich. The boy, still

breathless, still managed to utter the words `attack at the king`. The generals face became white, he dropped his sandwich and immediately ran back to the Control Room, on the way grabbing his phone, trying to reach the commander at the palace.

"Give me your commander now!" he screamed in his phone to the guard picking up the phone in the palace.

"This is commander Karlson speaking"

"What did you idiots $%&@ up, how the $%&@ did anybody with a gun get in the vicinity of the king! And where is the king, goddammit, is he alive?" The general was speeding full speed through the huge building, he never understood why the best sandwiches were only served in the navy mess.

"We have no information at the moment, the only thing we know was that the limousine had a flat tire and that they had to make a stop to fix it, the moment this was radioed to us we heard machine guns go off. We haven't had any radio contact since then. We've send a full security detail per heli over the road where we suspect the limousine was when it was attacked"

"What do you mean, suspect? We didn't buy that goddamn expensive limousine for nothing, it got trace devices installed all over the place!" The general was almost loosing his temper, they knew that for a few days ago multiple threats were made against the king, so they did everything they could in the short time before the summit.

"Is there no radio contact with any of the other guards in the security detail?

A moment of silence fell before the commander answered. "He send them away, only his two personal guards and his driver were accompanying him on his visit to Heglum." For a few seconds the general was completely baffled, he knew the king could be stubborn, and didn't like all the hassle about security accompanying his kingship. But that he would risk his life by being stubborn was a new thing to the general.

As he rushed in to the Control Room, screaming in his phone again, he told the commander to keep him updated and to not $%&@ up again. then he screamed "Status report".

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The general was in his element when a crisis was near. He was giving orders to the different liaison officers in his Control Room. Scrambling jets with UV vision, closing all borders down, setting up extra security on governmental and diplomatic buildings. He even considered implementing a nationwide curfew, but he didn't want to piss off his , Riksjarl Johan Andersson.

"Jonas, get a meeting going in 5 minutes, I want all the important people in there, you know the drill"

His assistant rushed away, already busy with executing the vague order. The general always gatherd smart peopel around him that didn't depend on him to make decisions, this ensured that most of his apparatus functioned without him constantly intervening.

"With a hot cup of herbal tea, the general shunned coffee, the general started the meeting, letting his assistant do the short briefing."

Gentlemen as Jonas already said, we have no details yet, I expect the reconnaissance jets to give us a location in a matter of minutes. In the meantime we have to be a step in front of these terrorists. I have placed numerous notorious nationalists and communists under house arrest. We're still looking for a few of these guys, we've been lax on security and Intel the last few years. What I think we need to focus on now is how did these terrorists manage to switch his car. I think its very fishy that the car was switched with one thats less secure, that the tire broke down at that exact location etc. Internal, get on it, turn the whole transport detachment at the Palace upside down, also look into people that recently been hired. I expect my first report in 30 minutes, and please give me something solid. Airforce, you know what to do, Communication, have we received word yet from the Prussian authorities?"

"They have one private jet on radar which is ignoring radio hails"

"Okay keep me updated about that, we meet here in 35 minutes, get to work people!"

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"General! Internal came up with something!" Jonas walked into one of the small office units attached to the Control Room that was upgraded to the generals temporarily office.

"They checked all the people that joined the transport detachment in the last few months. All but one of them are clean. They found out that the registered home address of one of the new mechanics is an empty apartment, his name is also fake, its not in any of our records. But they also found out that his only refer must have been someone high up."

The general scribbled down a short note. "What is this persons name?" "We don't know, the note was handwritten on official paper of the Defense office, and was signed with M. We assume that the responsible officer knew this M."

"Well" said the general. "What are you waiting for, get that officer into interrogation! Put some pressure on him, hes not likely to know anything about this, still, he will be dishonorably discharged"

A courier into the small office, it started to fill up quickly with people delivering reports and messages. "Please keep me updated Jonas" said the general, then he his attention turned to the courier. "The private jet is registered to Röda Svenska Företaget, a business owned by a group of people, most of them with ties to nobility and nationalists, they are only known as Svärd Rättvisa (Sword of Justice). We are in the process of tracking all the people tied to this organization, but most never openly admitted to being a member. The only name we're sure of is one Martin Sonderberg, hes a diplomat at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We haven't been able to track him down either, he has quiet a few villa's and houses where he could be. On a side note, the pilot and co-pilot in the plane are hired from a regular company, we think they are not involved, they might be forced to not respond to radio hails"

The general nodded in approval as the courier disappeared. The net was closing, he couldn't believe that such an unprofessional organization had 'almost' succeeded in killing the king.

He once again entered the Control Room "Airforce, how about it! Whats the status?"

"We have found the car, its burning, the army is directing a small detachment into the area, but we will have a helicopter on location within a few minutes." The general pondered about this for a moment. "Put that one the main screen please"

"Army, anything in the area thats out of the ordinary?"

"No general, we sealed the entire region around the palace off, only foreign diplomats are allowed to leave if they have been giving the proper authorization."

"Okay, good work, keep me updated" He then turned his attention to the screen at the far end of the Control Room.

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"General, hes being flown to the hospital as we speak, his condition is bad but he is still alive".

"Keep me updated on that Jonas!"

The general went into his office and turned the sound on one of the 4 TV's on.

A reporter in the studio is shown. He is reporting on the booming economic when he is interrupted by a live incoming feed from a press conference. It shows the Riksmarsk, Niklas Bergquist and some press guy.

the Riksmark walks up to the microphone.

"At 16:00 o'clock this afternoon the Kings limousine was cowardly attacked by terrorist, the king barely survived and is as we speak in surgery, we have no current information about his status. Until he is awake I will be leading the country. Three brave men, Jeremy Sundgaard, Jimmy Kierkstrom, and James Ordstedt have died in the assassination, a 4th unnamed soldier is being treated for sever burn wounds that he received when he pulled the king into safety. The Scandinavian Summit that the king was traveling to has been canceled. We received several supporting statements by foreign nations (OOC: they can be posted in here). At the moment all borders , airports and ports are closed until we find whoever was responsible for this. Please bear with us.

Then the Riksmarsk walked away from the microphone, the press guy quickly grabbed the microphone. "We will not answer any questions at the moment. Next press conference is scheduled for 21:00 tonight. He then followed the Riksmarsk and disappeared, leaving behind a baffled crowd of reporters and journalists.

(OOC: I be on vacation until Friday after this, I'll update Friday evening)

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**OOC: classified meeting of course ;) **

The monthly scheduled meeting of Sverige military staff had been extended to a 3 day meeting as opposed to the normal 4 hour meeting. None of the people attending had any idea why, save for the Riksjärl (Lord High General), Johan Andersson, and the Överbefälhavaren shortened to ÖB(Supreme Commander): general Svecka Langrun.

Present at the meeting were, besides the ÖB and Riksjärl, General Nils Swedlund, commander of the army, Admiral Håkan Syrén, commander of the Coast Guard, General Johan Hederstedt, commander of the Airforce, Lieutenant General Owe Wiktorin, commander of the Home Guard, Major General Torsten Rapp, commander of the Nordheim border division. And a number of other staff members of the HQ. There were two civilians present, to everybody's big surprise.


From left to right, General Johan Hederstedt, Riksjärl Johan Andersson and ÖB Svecka Langrun at the meeting.

'Gentlemen!' Svecka raised his voice when he tried to get everybody's attention. Everybody was still busy talking and discussing various military topics. 'Ahem! Yes, good let start this thing up. Gentlemen, we live in dangerous times. There are numerous possible threats that creep closer to us every day. In Europe alone there are range of nations that aren't exactly our best friends. As the king is concentrating on reforming Sverige he has bestowed the task of defending Sverige upon our shoulders. the king knows he can trust the military, he has always made sure that the armed forces were loyal to him. And we are, we can be proud of that. The king also believes in the importance of a strong and advanced army. So with that thought in our mind we gather here today. Our goal is simple, to create the best, the strongest, most advanced, fastest army the world has ever seen.

We have the backing of a conglomerate of progressive companies. Represented by the two gentleman on my right, Erik Larhut, and Tomas Tomasson. They represent Volvo car company, Saab aerospace and defense company , Ericsson telecommunication and data communication, Skanska construction and development company, Sandvik tooling, materials technology, mining and construction. Scania truck manufacturer, Preem oil company, Atlas Copco industrial tooling and equipment, Securitas security solutions company, Kolo armament company, Nordstjernan investments, Vackälo shipping wharf, and SKF manufacturing company.

These companies, and a host of others, have made a deal with the government, if they support our modernization drive with knowledge, materials and financial backing they will be given the chance to replace and absorb the companies currently owned by the Red Opposition. And as we all know the government is very close to uncovering a large resistance inside the rebellious parts of Sveriges elite. Most of the funding and backing of this resistance comes from old money and elitist nobility.

I will now explain in short the proposed modernization. Can we kill the lights please? He looked at a staff officer who manned the beamer.


Our navy is small at the moment. To be able to deter any opposing forces abroad and at home and to be able to quickly project power in any part of the world we are proposing to initially create 4 Task Forces concentrated around 4 new to build Nuclear carriers. Future plans will focus on even more carriers. The Task Forces will consist of the carrier as command center, three destroyers for short range protection, two guided missile cruisers for long range strike ability , three guided missile destroyers used primarily for anti-aircraft (AAW) and anti-submarine (ASW) warfare, two attack submarines, one or two combined supply ships, and one amphibious assault ship.

To do this we need a proper naval base, and a large wharf to build these ships. Can I have the next slide please.


This is the North Sea coast of Dalsland. We are proposing the construction of a large Naval Base and Wharf on this coast. Not visible on the picture is the Artificial island that will be build about 1 kilometer from the naval base to protect the base from the influences of the sea. I will highlight the specifics of this concept later. But we will become a large Naval power.


Artist impression of the proposed nuclear carrier class, nicknamed "Kristian"


We have one of the best airforces in the world as it is, we do not only concentrate on quality planes, bu also on quality pilots and ground crew.

Still there is room for more. We are proposing a Flexibility Doctrine for the entire armed forces. We need to be flexible, to do that we need be able to get troops 24/7 in any place we want them. We need to be able to transport troops and armored vehicles at an amazing rate, both by land, air and water. So we want to extend our transport capacity and flexibility drastically. We will also be focusing on our next generation of fighters to update our strike force. We will highlight specifics later on.


Artist impression of the proposed next generation fighter, nicknamed "Raptor"

Home Guard

Our Home Guard ensures us that our backs are always covered. We want to upgrade the quantity and quality of this cover. Better equipment and training. More troops. Incorporating them into our Flexibility Doctrine, and thus giving them new ways of getting around. Training them in leadership, guerrilla warfare, and urban warfare. And creation of more Reconnaissance/Intelligence companies so we control the information flow. We will be raising their numbers to 100.000 - 120.000


Our army is a static thing, it needs allot more flexibility. Flexibility in leadership, mobility, supplying, tactics, almost everywhere. We also have a rather outdated armor section. We will later highlight some of the new advancements we will make here. Our aim is to raise our army from 150.000 troops two almost 300.000 in one year time. We will also double our tanks to 11.000 armored vehicles to 15.00, artillery systems to 10.000, missile defense systems to 7,000 and infantry support systems to 18.000. All of the new systems and vehicles will be more advanced and gradually replace the old versions. We will later highlight the specifics.


This is an artist impression of the new main battle tank, its nickname is "Black Panther"

Nuclear force

The king has given us green light in researching nuclear armament possibilities. We still have to look into this, but the basic technology for this is currently present in Sverige. Although it will take some time to develop these technologies. We are looking for help from our allies in this matter. These will of course only be used as defensive measurements.

**OOC: I have no clue how to work out timeframes or financial matters concerning this upgrade. So bear with me when I stumble through this upgrade ;)**

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'General, what is the plan?' Svecka looked at the television in shock, the king just plunged the country into a war it could never win. 'The plan? There is no plan, we just throw everything we have at the nearest enemy and then die.'

Svecka knew he had to at least plan out these attacks in detail, he could not just sent a number of troops of in one direction, that was not how a war worked. It took time to get troops somewhere, most of the time troops don't just magically appear out of nowhere. If he told his subordinates to send 150.000 men into Prussia they would think he went crazy. One does not simply walk into Mordor, let alone transfer thousands of troops in an eye blink.

He turned around and took a good look at the military map of Sverige


'We'd have to move almost all the troops occupying the Nordheim border to the Coastal areas, preventing an invasion. And we have to prepare an invasion, and do it fast....... without any proper transport ships.'

Svecka Turned around, facing the command room. He was ready to wage war. He had sworn loyalty to the king, and that was all he needed. He was ready, now the rest of Sverige.

'Get the Baltic Naval escadrille on the phone and order them to set a course for the nearest Prussian harbor, tell them to destroy every Prussian thing they see, but limit the casualties, especially the civilian ones to a minimum. We should use our ships while we still have them. If they have to surrender they are allowed to, but they have to make sure that the ships can't be used after the surrender, sink them or something.'

'Tell Gävle Air Command to fly its fighters to Stockholm and Jönköping, use the transport planes at Gävle to move the ground crew and other supporting personnel.'

'And give me a !@#$@#$ map of our coastal defenses, I want to be able to fight of an invasion if necessary.'

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60.000 able men and women, over 10.000 commissioned and 10.000 non-commissioned officers from across Sverige are getting ready to join the Home Guard. All current units have received new training, new gear, new weapons, transport vehicles and various upgrades. This is Sverige's pride, the defenders of the soil, protectors of the land and highly qualified in urban battle, both against infantry, cavalry, and air. All new units are almost done with their training and will be shortly stationed all across Sverige. This brings the total of troops under the Home Guard to 160.000

The navy has begun constructing its huge base and wharf at the North Sea coastline. huge quantities of construction material and construction workers are being shipped into the area. Their living quarters act like an ad-hoc city.

The airforce is very busy with establishing the new Flexibility doctrine. A new corps of paratroopers was created called the Rörlig Luft Brigad (Mobile Air Brigade) wearing the infamous maroon beret. They will soon receive extended training with new infantry vehicles and light armor vehicles that will be specially constructed for aerial transport and para missions.

A new unit has been formed in Sverige, autonomous from the rest of the army. It has been named 'The Royal Brigade'. It consists of the best soldiers of every part of the Sverige army. They have their own planes, helicopters and tanks and fall directly under the command of the king himself. These troops are responsible for protecting the king and its government if all else fails. The 8 advanced frigates currently on a blockade mission in the baltic will in time be integrated into this unit.

In the army testing with the new tank is underway, but progress is slow because they want the best of the best. And they will get the best of the best.

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