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The new government effects


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Not much changed, Monarchy still kicks ass and is better then anything else.

About the env change: Monarchy now has a positive effect on environment.

With the old system (no effect on env) I had full (1.00) env with 3 border walls. Now that Monarchy gives +env I should have full env with only 2 border walls, right?

I razed one today and my env score went down one point (2.00) - which it shouldn't since Monarchy now should give +env and compensate for the loss of the border wall.

So how does that positive / negative effect on env work?

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Be careful before deleting those borderwalls anyways, my env. is full with 0 border walls yet i still have 3 because they are actually proffitable at that point.


Thanks for the advice but since my people have a average gross income of over 400$ the 3rd border wall is not profitable when the env would be maxed without it.

Hm monarchy having a hidden env bonus all the time explains things. Too bad, I was looking forward to having less border walls ;)

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