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AID issus


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I am trying to send AID to my friend who just created his account yesterday and it says that "This aid agreement would result in a potential rule violation due to accounts on the same network and is not allowed at this time." We have not been at the same place in these 2 days, so I am not sure why it is saying this.

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Technically, being close isn't so much the issue; while less likely, you could get the same IP as someone across the country, especially if you're on a provider like, say, AOL. Since the other nation is only two days old, I'd personally suggest getting your friend to delete it as soon as possible and starting from a fresh slate. You may have just gotten unlucky and had one freak IP assigned the same. If it happens after the reroll, well then, you're looking at a more permanent problem and will have to live with it.

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