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Im playing CN for More than 6 months now. I created my account on a net cafe since i dont have internet connection at home. Yesterday, I caught my friend creating an account on CN and he's even trying to join the same alliance that i am in. Being aware that multiple accounts on the same IP is illegal, i asked him to delete his nation ASAP which he kindly followed. (his nation can't be deleted until july 13 but i will make sure he will)

Here's the real prob..... I am not sure if my friend is the only one that registered an account on CN here. Many people here play mmorts like me and im not sure if i am the only one that plays CN here.

Can the admins please enlighten me.....


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I think this falls in the same category as 2 accounts in a library, which I asked about in this thread


anyways, what I got was that as long as the 2 nations do not interact in any way, you should be fine. So far, our nations have not been deleted.

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