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4X4 3mil / 50 tech


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I'm looking for 3 buyers and 4 sellers who may be interested in a long term 4x4 (Basically two 2x2's)

We all know there's a tech shortage and larger nations are still getting a deal at 3mil per 50 tech.

Buyer 1 sends 3 mil to Seller 1 and Seller 3

Buyer 2 sends 3 mil to Seller 2 and Seller 4

Buyer 3 sends 3 mil to Seller 1 and Seller 3

Buyer 4 sends 3 mil to Seller 2 and Seller 4

Seller 1 sends 50 tech to Buyer 2 and Buyer 4

Seller 2 sends 50 tech to Buyer 1 and Buyer 3

Seller 3 sends 50 tech to Buyer 2 and Buyer 4

Seller 4 sends 50 tech to Buyer 1 and Buyer 3

This circle will require 4 slots for the buyers and 4 slots for each seller. 6 mil to each seller every 10 days. There's no waiting a month to complete a deal. It's done in 10 days.

Buyer 1 - Vandal http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...Nation_ID=36286

Buyer 2 - Open

Buyer 3 - Open

Buyer 4 - Open

Seller 1 - Suichimo http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=341142

Seller 2 - TheHeroOguma http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=341383

Seller 3 - Open

Seller 4 - Open


By posting your agreement to join, you hereby pledge to abide by the following rules and guidelines.

A: You are currently a free nation meaning you or your alliance are not under any trade/AID restrictions due to war or surrender terms.

B: You are not currently at war.

C: You understand that failure to ship tech, or send money in a timely manner, will result in losing your membership to the circle.

D: You agree to send out your tech/money on the date set or within 24 hours after the date and accept your tech/money within 24 hours of receiving it.

E: You agree that failure to deliver tech after receiving money, or receiving tech without sending money out, will be cause to take action against your nation. Including, but not limited to: Notification of grievance to members alliance. Military action. Military Action to ZI. Request for trade sanctions.

F: You agree to notify all members of the circle within 5 days of the next cycle that you are unable to continue within the circle.

G: You are not a member of Vox

* This includes the current Karma/Hegemony alliances still engaged in hostilities.

You also have the full backing of my guarantee that if you do not receive your tech or money, it is covered. If you are part of an alliance that is starting out and would like to know how to grow your alliance quickly, larger deals with more nations can be arranged.

Tech Selling Tip: Only keep 50 tech on hand at any one time. Send aid out and have the first person accept before buying the next 50 to send out.

Any scammers will be shown no quarter. If you don't send out your tech or money after receiving it, you will be paying for it in other ways.

Any attempt to divert funds to another nation without fulfilling your obligations to the circle first will be viewed as embezzlement and action will be brought up against both nations.

If you require help, are new to the game, and would like more information. Please PM here or in-game.or in-game.

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Well, right now, I don't have enough Foreign Aid slots to do something on this scale, but in about 9 days I'd be happy to join if there are still openings. I am a seller.

AOTkorby. If the circle hasn't started by the 18th, you're in. If not, I'll list you as an alternate.

i like to join in, how many aid slots do i need ? btw i'm a seller

Servando - Currently you are in a war with NPO which is not allowed

All four aid slots are open right now, I'm a seller.



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