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CoIN/ACF Take A walk together

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CoIN/ACF have know each other for quite some time and have grown to like each other. We have decided to take the first step together on what hopefully will become a bright future.


Although the wording of this treaty is important, it is the pith and substance of the treaty the the undersigned agree to adhere to.

ARTICLE 1: Peace & Friendship

i.Members of each signatory are due to respect each other, in the same way that they respect anyone on their team. Should this fail to occur, the violation shall be addressed through the proper diplomatic channels in a respectful and proper manner.

ii.Each alliance being sovereign from each other, shall remain so throughout the continuity of this agreement.

iii.No member of a signatory shall attack, commit espionage against, nor aid the enemy of a member of the opposite signatory. Should a nation do so, they will be prosecuted in the judiciary of their signatory as if the action had been committed against a member of their own. Further to said punitive measures, reparations shall be made for all damages by the aggressor nation.

ARTICLE 2: Intelligence, Aid & Optional Defense

i.Any information that crosses a signatory that involves another signatory or their allies, shall be passed through regular diplomatic channels to ensure the fair sharing of information.

ii.No signatory of this treaty is obligated to come to the defense of another signatory of this treaty. However, should a signatory alliance request defensive military assistance, the other signatory alliances are encouraged to consider it and may use this treaty as legal justification for entering a conflict at another signatory's defense.

iii.No signatory of this treaty is obligated to come to the monetary or military aid of another signatory of this treaty. However, should a signatory alliance request monetary or military aid, the other signatories are encouraged to consider the request.

ARTICLE 3: Withdrawal & Legalities

Should it be decided that this agreement no longer represent the interests of the signatories, the negating party shall notify the opposite and provide 48 hours notice of said cancellation. This agreement shall remain in effect during said 48 hour period. This treaty overrides Non-aggression pacts and Treaties of Amity.

Signed on July 9, 2009, by:

For the Aquatic Coalition Front:

tehol ~ Supreme High Councilman

kwpag ~ High Councilman

Oppressor of Worlds ~ High Councilman

For the Coalition of Independent Nations:

Jerry Wagner ~ Triumvirate of CoIN: Foreign Affairs

Slicer845695 ~ Triumvirate of CoIN: War

sulli90 ~ Triumvirate of CoIN: Finance

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