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Hello there my fellow aqua nation, and thank you for taking the time for reading this recruitment letter, brought to you by the alliance of =LOST=! As you can already tell, friendship is a vital part of the CN world, and we here at =LOST= would like to extend to you a hand of friendship.

Now our alliance is fairly large, and with that large amount of members comes protection. However, we dont just sit in a corner and protect each other. We also have a responsibility in CN, meaning we'll call upon you for war if necessary. Now don't get me wrong, Our War screens are monitored on a Daily basis. You need help? Your going to get it! We Play Hard and Fight even Harder. Recently we have started a Nation growing Program that allows your Nation to become strong and powerful within a short time

We'd like for you to join our ranks! So message back for more details Or PM me ingame


Or visit our Forums here


Brought to you by:

The = LOST= Boys

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