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Paradise Lost

Sarah Tintagyl

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Dark gray clouds encircled the city of Brisbane as a black limousine pulled up to the gates of Solidor Manor. The blood from the guards had not totally been washed away, even with the recent rainfall in the city and it gave the clean stone a morbid gothic look as new Hanseatic marines bowed their heads as the black gate was opened and the limousine drove through. It crushed the fine gravel further into the damp ground as, two Lillian guards exited the Manor itself and opened the door of the car. Sarah stepped out, an emotionless look written on her face. Just walking out of the car seemed painful for her, her entire left leg seemed frozen in agony and seeing their Lady in such pain the guards immediately ran to her side.

She pushed them away, opting to rather do it herself and while she was in pain, Sarah pushed through and into the mansion itself. Taking a deep breath when she saw the stains that still were displayed over the marble floor. Guards had cleaned up the bodies, but Sarah had only been away from the Manor for about a day and the corpses took priority over the blood. She shook her head and pushed any servants away and walked towards the stairs. Everything still seemed dark in the house, minding the clouds were still a dark gray outside, thought the rain had stopped, it was still just gloomy and the stench of death still fluttered slowly through the halls.

As Sarah reached the top of the grand staircase a pair of Marines stopped at saluted, just after leaving the grand ballroom at the end of the hall. She glared at them as they went to ease. "Is there a reason that you were in that room?"

"The Archon's body has been removed Your Ladyship. Lord de Luit offered that we should dispose of it." He hesitated. "But knowing about what transpired between you and the late Archon, we thought maybe you would rather decide what happens to his remains. I believe he was termed a criminal before The Republic collapsed. Though I could be wrong."

"I don't care what happens to it. Bury it, burn it, I could careless. Just get it away from me."

"Of course Ladyship." He hesitated again. "Milady, do you need any help with anything right now?"

"No." Her answer spat acid as she turned to continue down the corridor, throwing open both doors to the ballroom as the stench of death returned. Though it seemed much stronger now, as the recent memories of the room flooded back into her head. Sarah could still hear the sounds of the rapiers striking against each other and the last sounds of Mykep's gurgling blood before she tossed the body to the side. There, where the dried puddle of blood still laid stretched out. The images flashed into her head, over and over again making her steps harder to take and thrashing her against the musty air. She collapsed in a nearby chair and held her head, taking a strong deep breath.

"Get a hold of yourself Sarah. You did it in self defense, you were protecting yourself."

"So is that what you wanted to give me." She laughed again. "Oh Mykep, I should have known you would try something like that. But maybe you should have thought of your love for another before you came in here and killed those who I loved. Maybe you should have stayed away." Sarah looked down at her wound. "Maybe before you changed me. You wanted a monster right?" She took the rapier and trust the blade through his neck. The blood squirted out from his throat and down his mouth. She took the dagger out of his other hand and wiped it across the room.

"So this is how your story ends Archon, in the hands of your friend. A friend who you betrayed, a friend who you tried to kill, but the friend killed you and you won't even be around to see the world that you forged this night. But that's no way to say good bye." She leaned her head forward and placed her lips between his and kissed him passionately. At her release, the blood slowly dripped down from her mouth to the floor. "Good-bye Mykep."

But, what she had turned into in those last few moments, what she still was deep down inside was changing and she could feel it. Looking up, a small piece of paper caught her eye. "His note..." She walked over and picked it up. To: Charli was inscribed on the front and seeing that she couldn't bring herself to open it. But what Mykep had done...she could feel her anger beginning to build again as clenched her open fist tight. "Maybe a weaker person would rip this up." She said sarcastically looking at the puddle of blood. "But...I guess I can give you some satisfaction, though it almost pains me to do so."

His sword still lay near the entrance to the ballroom, where she had kicked it away from him at the duel. Walking over she picked it up with her right had and smiled. It was surprisingly light for being so daunting.


A few days later a letter would arrive at Charli Unicorn's residence in Ilam, Annihilation.


You need to come to Brisbane as soon as possible. It concerns your friend Mykep and what he as done to me and my people. Come prepared for the worst.


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OOC: I like how this story is going, makes me wonder though, how many people are going to the dark side in one month.

OOC: Quite a few, apparently. Even I've had my dark moments, and that's saying something.

But enough on us. I want to see the story that's unfolding between two excellent character RP'ers here.

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A month had passed since Madame Unicorn had seen Mykep, felt him in her arms. A month since they had become one...

Since that evening, she had heard nothing from him.

As each day passed, Madame Unicorn became more and more anxious, and more reclusive. How could she survive if she didnt talk to the one she loved? She had been consumed by love, and now it was controlling her more and more.

Finally, one sunny Wednesday afternoon, as Madame Unicorn was finishing some paperwork, Constance rushed into her office with a note.

"Madame.. Here is a letter from Sarah Tintagyl. You need to action this immediately."

Madame Unicorn took the letter and read it, her eyes opening wide with shock. She stood up and clenched her fist, the paper being crushed like a glass. She sighed and lookd at Constance.

"I need to get to Brisbane immediately. Have the jet ready at the airport and a car waiting. I will pack a few things."

As she ran up to her bedroom, Madame Unicorn sighed. She had hoped that Mykep would contact her, but it seemed her suspicions would be confirmed. Shaking her head, she threw some clothes into a bag, tidied herself up, and ran down to the car, ready to be taken to the airport...

Shaking, she looked out the window as the jet came into view. She knew what was going to happen. Something in her head kept whispering "he's dead...". Madame Unicorn did not know how, but she had a strong feeling that it had been something to do with Sarah.

Approaching Brisbane awhile later, Madame Unicorn had relaxed considerably. She had accepted that she needed to be prepared for the worst, but a glimmer of hope still shone in her head. Feeling the plane descend, Madame Unicorn stood up, ready for anything.

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The pain landed in puddles of black rain that hit the ground and danced up in the air in a macabre fashion, it seemed that everyone's steps were rushed and that clouds themselves turned their faces from the planet for a time, releasing a down pour that had been off and on for the past few days. When Charli would step out of the plane, she was not greeted by Marines or Lillian Guards. Instead two men in long black suits bowed and took off their rain soaked caps in reverence to her. They were both older men, their faces stained of age with deep wrinkles on their chins.

"If you would follow us Excellency. Her Ladyship is waiting for you."

They took her to the limousine and slowly pulled out of the airport in a solemn fashion, the rain still crashing against the clean glass windows as they drove down the freeway towards the residential areas on the outskirts of the city. It was an open drive, as the roads seemed all abandoned except for a few pockets of travel, but even those cars seemed to be dragging their wheels slowly against the ground. When the limousine finally pulled into Solidor Manor, the gates, still with a strange stain on them opened and the car pulled in deeper. There was an eeriness about the air, but not so much spooky as, something just didn't fit. Solidor Manor was always bright, full of sunlight and most people would not be able to imagine a day when such a place could look so grim.

Charli would be escorted by two Lillian Guards that waited at the door who took her to the main staircase and stopped. "Her Ladyship is in the ballroom." The guard sighed. "Please try to be patient with her, or help her anyway you can...she...she's become very aloof the past few days."

When Charli would enter the ballroom, and push open the large wooden doors, she would find the room dim, with the great chandeliers only giving off the minimum light. The stench of death had left, replaced by spices and sugars of Sarah's perfume and the Lady Protector sat in a leather chair across the great wooden floor. Her face was grief-stricken, but with a hint of uncontainable anger. In her left hand held the note, and in near her right hand, resting on a table was a glass of white wine, with her rapier laid gently across the table top.

She looked up and sighed. "Hello Charli, I wish that I could welcome you better than this...but I just haven't been myself." Her voice was emotionless and her bright sapphire eyes had faded to a dim gray. "Thank you for coming." She stood up and straitened out her dress. " Her fingers, cut and pierced. Her face still a bit swollen from Mykep's punch and her step was still shaky from the wound. "But I needed to speak with you and to you." She smiled. "My friend...I hope you understand what happened."

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Madame Unicorn followed the suited men out of her jet and into the limousine, the rain falling like tears from the sky, like it was crying over a lost soul.

The limousine drive was quiet, no one saying anything, rain lashing against the windows being the only sound that can be heard over the purr of the engine. Driving into the Manor, Madame Unicorn sighed. She could feel the eeriness. It didn’t make sense anymore. Why did Sarah invite her here?

Madame Unicorn stepped out of the limo and nodded as the Lillian Guards gave her a quick heads up. She entered the ballroom and sitting there, looking dishevelled and tired, was her friend Sarah Tintagyl. Madame Unicorn felt scared as she walked slowly into the room, noticing the rapier and letter in Sarah’s hands.

“Ah, Sarah… I feel that we do meet on unfortunate terms, however I am at least happy to see you.”

Madame Unicorn could only mouth pleasantries as she took a closer look at Sarah’s face. Her normally blue eyes had been seemingly replaced by dark, deep grey eyes. Normally Sarah seemed to have a bounce in her step and a cheerful voice, but this did not seem to be. Madame Unicorn hugged Sarah lightly and let her go, sighing.

“So… Why am I here? I do not comprehend what has been happening. Please, fill me in.”

Edited by Madame Unicorn
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Sarah sighed and walked back over towards the balcony window and gently touched the handle of the door. It was still broken. She growled, "I thought I told them I wanted this fixed." Shaking her head she looked back at Charli. "I called you here because someone very dear to you...someone...someone very dear to me, betrayed my trust and..." She looked at Charli trying to figure how to put this lightly, but there really just wasn't a way to do that. She walked over and laid her hand on her shoulder. "Charli, Mykep is dead, I killed him with that rapier on the table." She turned the girl over to a dim stain on the floor. "Right there, I ran my sword through him right there." Sarah's voice still carried a barely audible amount of emotion. But it was there, just, ever so quietly.

"However, I would like you to know that he deserved his death and I wouldn't have killed him if it would have been doable, but I'm afraid when you invade my house, kill dozens of my guards and servants, and then wound me." Sarah parted her dress in the area where she had been stabbed. The fresh stitches still holding her bloody skin together where the dagger had pierced her skin. "That monster came into my house and caused this kind of destruction...no I am happy he's dead and I'm happy I killed him." She closed her eyes and sighed to turn back to Charli. "I wish it hadn't come to pass like this. I know that you two were seeing each other, which was why he wanted me to give this to you." In her right hand, Sarah still held the note. It was covered in blood and dried in water, the paper itself seemed to speak volumes of what had transpired in the ballroom itself.

"I don't regret what I did. I just wish I wouldn't have had to hurt you so much. If you can ever forgive me Charli...but I understand if you can't." Sarah left the girl with the note and walked back to the table and finished over her wine glass. There was a slight pain in her step, but she seemed to either hide it well or walk though any pain that ran up her body. "That !@#$%^&." She said taking a sip of the wine and then anger once again overtook her body as she threw the glass against the wall and sat back down in her chair, her hand covering her face. "I'm so sorry Charli that all of this had to happen." Then her voice became quiet. "I trusted you Mykep, I trusted you, but never again, you were the evidence that all hope for this world is lost. You did that not me. !@#$%^&."

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OOC: YAY UPDATE!!! Plus, I get internet back soon, so extra yay! Also, comments are really appreciated. I am nervous about this IC piece and want it to be received well> I tried to convey a lot of emotion, but it's hard because I, personally, have not been in this kind of situation before.


Charli looked closely as Sarah moved around the room, questioning Sarah’s actions in her mind. She didn’t know what to say at this point. She stood completely still, on the spot as if she were a statue. Slowly, Sarah moved towards her and put her hand on Charli’s shoulder. Charli knew something was not right, and she was about to find out.

"Charli, Mykep is dead, I killed him with that rapier on the table."

Time stops. Nothing in this room moves as Charli looks around at what must have happened here. She looks at Sarah. A hard, questioning look, before all emotion drops off her face like a waterfall. Mykep is dead. HER Mykep. Charli drops to the ground as her tears start to fall. Salty, watery tears. Her hands crawl upwards to her face, covering it. How could this happen? The Mykep I knew was not a monster, so why did he want to kill Sarah? Thoughts start running through her mind. Suddenly, Sarah’s voice fills her ears and she looks up, tears still streaming down towards the ground.

Her body does not move as Sarah explains her reasoning. Charli sits there, quietly, shaking her head ever so slightly. She looks up at the stab wound and sighs, before her head drops, her mind devoid of any emotion, as the tears continue to fall. Sarah continues to speak but the words do not register. Nothing makes sense anymore.

"… I am happy he's dead and I'm happy I killed him."

Charli stands up, and looks at Sarah, rage pulsing through her body,


Charli walks to the other end of the room and punches the wall, her fist making a hole in the wood. She turns back to Sarah and grabs the letter off the table, opening it and reading its contents. Flicking her eyes over the letter a few times, she stands up and straightens out her clothes, rubbing her hand over the smallish bump, remembering the night where they had become one.

She turns to Sarah and sighs.

“I cannot forgive you at this present time. You killed the man I loved, and the father of this child that is growing inside of me. You know, I was happy to be pregnant. I was going to quit politics, move in with Mykep, and we would be a family. But now, this baby will be forever tarnished with the fact that it’s birth will foreshadowed by its father’s death. I hope you are still happy that you killed Mykep. I hope you can’t get to sleep at night because of this. And I, I guess I hope we can still be friends. But not right now.”

Charli glares at Sarah before turning sharply and walking out of the ballroom. She runs down the stairs and out the main door, running as fast as she can, out of Solidor Manor and out into the mean streets of Brisbane.

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Sarah stood emotionless as Charli went about grilling her for her actions, reprehensible without a doubt, but it had come to the point where it was either her or him and she had made it very clear when he lay there bleeding out of his legs that he was not going to escape her grasp. But then she saw that which changed everything. There in Charli's stomach was life, life growing up without any hope for a real family and it was all because of her. She was frozen like a statue, looking at the crying still holding her stomach in pain for what Sarah had done. But her mind began to fade from Charli's rage and all she could think about was the blood and the lives that Mykep had taken from her, taken from her during his phase of madness. She, she would never be at fault for something like this. But, this could have been prevented. He could have been locked up, he could have been saved, things could have been different.

“I cannot forgive you at this present time. You killed the man I loved, and the father of this child that is growing inside of me. You know, I was happy to be pregnant. I was going to quit politics, move in with Mykep, and we would be a family. But now, this baby will be forever tarnished with the fact that it’s birth will foreshadowed by its father’s death. I hope you are still happy that you killed Mykep. I hope you can’t get to sleep at night because of this. And I, I guess I hope we can still be friends. But not right now.”

Then she ran out of the room leaving Sarah alone in the room, the rapier still in her hands. Her hand tightened over the hilt and her body shook in rage as she turned to the spot where a blood stain reveal where the Archon had spent his final moments.

"You! You! You !@#$%^&!" She turned to the, waving the rapier in the air. "I would kill you again, over and over, so many, so many of you! You are just like all the men that you hated, you filled this world with hatred, you destroyed Charli's life and..." Sarah stared down at her chest. "You turned my heart black." She shouted at the ceiling. "This world will change, starting with saving at least one soul from my abyss!" Sarah screamed whipping the rapier at the wall, as if trying to impale his apparition one last time.

She strutted out of the ballroom and down the hall, hoping to catch Charli before she got too far and almost immediately she was stopped by guards at the door. "Your Ladyship?"

"Where did Charli go?"

"Her Excellency? She left the Manor in tears just now." Sarah blew past the guards heading towards the garage, as they called after her. "Lady Sarah, we can't allow you to leave in your current state."

She turned back, her eyes pure silver as the guards drew back a bit. No words were needed as the turned back towards the garage and started the car, blasting out on the roads heading towards Brisbane, the ran blasting against the windshield. Arriving in the city itself, she found it nearly totally abandoned, people trying to get out of the rain and all. Parking the car off in an alley she took to the streets, shouting Charli's name, hoping to find her before something worse happened to her.

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