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The 266th Papal Conclavae



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With the Roman Catholic Church coming back into existence after a long period of silence, it's time for the College of Cardinals to elect a new Pope. Voting will end on Saturday, July 11th, at this time. The candidate must have a 2/3's plus one majority to become Pope. When this happens, the Papal inauguration will be held at the Cathedral of St. Peter in Caesarea Philippi, located in the Rebel Army.

The Candidates are:

Cardinal Karol Wiesel is a Cardinal of Polish descent, and is considered to be an extremely influential Populist, a people's Cardinal. Since his elevation into the College of Cardinals, he has never gotten in a fight. He usually persuades others to see thing his way, is fluent in ten languages, is an extremely HOly man, and has a very good record of serving as a peacemaker for other countries and for certain people.

Cardinal Joseph Olmbright is a peace-loving Cardinal of New England, and he promises that his primary goal is to stop all wars around the globe. Ironically, he is a former General...

Cardinal James Ratzinger, the Dean of the College of Cardinals. He is considered to be different from the other candidates in that he has much political and diplomatic experience as a worker in Tahoe. Before this, he was forced to live in a ghetto under a regime that will not be named.

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With one day left, Cardinal Karol Wojtyla is barely leading the polls, with Cardinal Joseph Olmbright following in close pursuit. If Wojtya is to win, he needs a minimum of seven votes, otherwise, the election will have to be repeated.

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As the masses around the world waited for the news of the election, observers in Rome saw the smoke come out if the chimney of the Sistine Chapel. It was black. No Pope has yet been elected, and the debate between Cardinals about who should be elected shall begin immediately. In two days, another ballot will be held.

OOC: Feel free to post any arguments.

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I'd like to make a correction- Karol Wojtyla speaks TWELVE languages fluently. He was forced to study theology in an underground university during the war, as well as afterwards. He suffered the same hardships and persecutions as many Poles during the communist regime controlled by the USSR. He played a larger factor than Reagan or Thatcher in the destruction of the Iron Curtain.

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