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With the second collapse of LeVentNoir's empire, and rumors of his capture, death, or dissapearance rife, once again trade vessels from New Cymru had a safe and open route through the south pacific. First and foremost, trade routes with New Zealand would be established, followed closely by South American partners. Furthermore, the NCN now had a much larger hunting ground in which they had to patrol for piracy, and other illegal activities.

An expiditionary force was sent to Lord Howe and Norfolk Islands, and small detachments of Marines were unloaded. For the most part, they were greated with open arms by downtrodden citizens of the old regime, but for now, they were there in a peacekeeping role. No territorial claims would be made without the approval of the Hanseatic Commonwealth. For the first time in years, a NCN vessel was able to travel deep into the Tasman Sea, which, by rights, should belong equally to nations on both sides. A request would be sent to the Government of New Zealand for permssion to permanantly station the newest Cruiser, the NCS New Zealand, at one of their ports on detached duty.

The beast was dead, and finally, the people could be free.

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It would be difficult to accept for the people at first, but with the collapse of Imperial Wellington, as to the people of New Cymru, that is what it still was, despite a different moniker, it was finally safe to have a seaside capital, without an untoward risk of attack from the sea. Sydney would become a city state in it's own right. Home to it's own army, navy, air force, and, most importantly, one could say, politicians. For, despite their unpleasant nature, they were still necessary to the operation of the nation. And with an increasing level of dissent in Upper Burma, a strong central government was key, for without one, a strong regional government would be impossible.

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Joshua Williams would attend personally, being the only member of the Triumvirate currently unoccupied. The small jet would touch down at Wellington Airport, where other arrangements would be made to reach the council bulidings.

Upon being recieved, Williams held our his hand and introduced himself, wondering how taken aback his host would be by the missing index finger.

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