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The Dream of Independence


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An independent Canada. A dream Canadian politician Noah Grace held for the longest time. In his mind, Canada was a nation more deserving of it's independence than any other. Yet, independence seemed like something of a dream, a fairy tail. Certain people told him to incite the masses, but he didn't want to start a rebellion. No, that would be something that would doom Canada to a subservient role for many years to come. Therefore, he chose to go another direction. He would appeal to the governments of Tahoe and Viniland for the direct independence of his homeland, directly. A direct appeal to both governments was a more docile and common sense way of doing things, instead of taking to the streets in mass protest. So, he forged a letter; a letter he hoped both governments would respond to. A letter that would, hopefully, lead to the realization of an independent Canada.

To: The Governments of Tahoe and Viniland

From: Noah Grace, Representative of the Canadian People

Esteemed Leaders of Tahoe and Viniland,

I am coming to you today, as a man clinging to a dream. The Canadian people have been under the authority of both nations as a protectorate for many years. I thank you for that. I thank you for lending your combined might to protect the Canadian people during it's time of weakness. However, I believe it is now time for the people to control their own destiny. Esteemed leaders, Just like your powerful nations, I hope that Canada to can control it's own destiny and work alongside yours as a controlling force in world policy. Therefore, I am requesting that a meeting between us be held to discuss the prospects of a free Canada. Friends, do not look upon my actions as "aggressive" or "trouble making" but look upon them as from a man, who, just like you, wishes to control a free and independent country. I do hope you accept my invitation.


Noah Grace

He sent the letter and hoped both parties would reply.

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